Monthly Archive: January 2017

At the Bloggers’ Dinner at Roast in Gariahat: JustODThings 0

Bloggers’ Dinner at Roast in Gariahat

If it’s continental, you’ll usually find me looking that restaurant up, reading reviews, asking people about it, and most importantly, searching for steaks and ribs on its menu. Thankfully, my search found a happy...

At the New Outlet of The Tea Trove in Acropolis Mall: JustODThings 1

New Outlet of The Tea Trove in Acropolis Mall

I love tea. While others order soda, I look for iced tea on the menu. I will take a nice, steaming cup of Darjeeling tea, as opposed cappuccino, any day. Trust me, there’s nothing...

The Baker's Box in Kolkata: JustODThings 0

Cakes and Bakes at The Baker’s Box in Kolkata

Everything about Kolkata is believed as sweet and sugary. We Kolkatans are the sweetest, politest people you’ll meet. Bengali, the language of most of the citizens, is, hands down, the sweetest, most melodious one...