3 New Items at Tea Trove that You Must Try!

3 New Items at Tea Trove that You Must Try!

I have often talked about how much I love tea and everything related to it. Tea Trove is, naturally, one of my favourite destinations in Kolkata. It’s one of those places that have made tea popular among youngsters. Tea Trove not only offers a wide range of tea and tisane leaves for the most awesome tea concoctions of refreshment and medicinal purposes, but also has several beverages, popsicles, etc. I recently tried some of the new items at Tea Trove, and here’s my pick of my three favourites.

3 New Items at Tea Trove that You Must Try!

3 New Items at Tea Trove that You Must Try 2017: by Oendrila De JustODThings

3 New Items at Tea Trove that You Must Try

I tried their new popsicles, iced tea, shakes and tea, all of different flavours and aromas. And while each of them presented something special, three items caught my attention in particular.

1. Pop Corn Popsicle

I warn you, this thing will mess with your head and your senses. When you take the first bite, you get the strong flavour of popcorn, which is one of my favourite snacks. As you start to let it melt in your mouth, you start to feel sweetness taking over your taste buds. While you’re expecting some salt and butter on your tongue, because you can get those smells, you taste something completely different. It is one of the most confusing, brilliant things I’ve tasted!

2. Blueberry Iced Tea

I am a big fan of iced tea in general. But the only way I step out of my comfort zone with it is by trying something lemony. I avoid fruits in my tea altogether. I have had tea concoctions with dehydrated fruit extracts, but the regular berry or peach tea drinks. But, the Blueberry Iced tea is one of the most delightful fruity tea drinks that I have ever tried. The flavour was discernible, but not overpowering, and the aroma of the white tea came through quite nicely.

3. Mango Macha Shake

Never did I imagine that Mango and tea can be a good pair. But, Tea Trove imagined it, and thank goodness they did! The result is a wonderfully delicious and healthy drink. I don’t need to explain its good qualities of mango, of course. Now, matcha is a form of green tea, where the leaves are ground into fine powder. So, you get to consume the green leaves, instead of just their brew, and get the health benefits. This shake is a must-try, for the taste and benefits!

Of course, there are plenty of other items at Tea Trove that you can try, and I have talked about my favourites at Tea Trove Acropolis before. You can try plenty of other flavours of popsicles, shakes, and iced tea with a soda or a water base. And, when you’re there, the obvious thing to do is try their tea brews. So, if you’re feeling thirsty during your shopping spree at Acropolis Mall, don’t forget to drop in at Tea Trove, and try their best items!

Must-Have New Items at Tea Trove 2017: by Oendrila De

Must-Have New Items at Tea Trove

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