3 Unique Ways I Use Rose Water in Beauty and Care

3 Unique Ways I Use Rose Water in Beauty and Care

Unique Ways I Use Rose Water in Beauty and Care 2018

Unique Ways I Use Rose Water in Beauty and Care

Using rose water as part of the beauty regime is not something new. It’s no social media fad. Rose water is a beauty tool that’s been tried and tested for ages. The beautiful women of the Middle-East used it. Cleopatra supposedly took a rose water bath every day. And, I think we Indians have a penchant for using it in our face packs, with rose water and glycerin, or apply a concoction of rose water and lemon as the toner. We know of the benefits of rose water when used as a cleanser, and in various other ways.

But, yours truly happens to be the world’s laziest woman and greatest procrastinator. I neither use face packs, nor do I remember to clean my face with anything other than the regular soap. But, there are three unique ways I use rose water in beauty and care. Because, why shouldn’t lazy girls have a little fun?

3 Unique Ways I Use Rose Water in Beauty and Care  

I admit that I like to use rose water as toner to keep my skin hydrated, supple and taut. In Addition, I have been spraying it on my face like crazy, every time my skin feels sweaty and sticky. My brother hates the smell of rose water. So, irritating him with a spritz is another important use of the item. Besides these, there are three mandatory uses of rose water for me. Here’s a quick look at how I love to use this natural elixir in my daily beauty regime, without going overboard.

1. Rose Water on Top of Moisturiser

My scrubbing-cleansing-toning-moisturising routine is weird. I invariably forget the face-wash and end up using body-soap. Right before leaving the washroom, I scrub my face. I was recently gifted a box of apricot scrub by my ‘dearly beloved’ (because he loves it when I act all delicate and feminine); and, I’m obsessed with scrubbing my face with it. And, I love to spritz my face with rose water after that. But, it doesn’t stop there. I use a gel or serum as a moisturiser (currently, Lakme Aloe Vera Gel). Then, I spritz rose water AGAIN on top of the gel. I feel like this exercise takes away any possible stickiness, leaving the skin feeling nice and tight. I’ve also done the same on sunscreen lotion. Rose water seems to immediately lighten a product. This is helpful for people like me who hate the weight of skin products. I just let the water air dry on the face.

2. Rose Water for Dark Circles and Puffiness

Interestingly, my rather masculine fiance, who can’t pronounce fuchsia, once bought me a bottle of rose water because he had learnt how rose water helps reduce undereye darkness. This was a decade ago, and my rather light dark circles vanished after I started dabbing rose water beneath the eyes with the help of a cotton ball. Recently, regular late-nights at work have made my eyes look like they’re uncannily staring out of two deep caves. So, I have gone back to the tried and tested practice of using the trusted rose water; only this time, I’m using undereye drops with it. I found a Homoeopathic drop called Dr. John’s J-6 to cure dark circles. It is supposed to be mixed with water and applied under the eyes thrice every day. But, I have been mixing the drops with rose water instead of regular water. I rub the mix beneath the eyes with my fingers once daily.

3. Rose Water for Hair

Some people like to use tea water as last rinse for their hair. I use rose water. Surprised? Yeah, I didn’t know rose water is good for hair, either, until one day, I decided to add some to my henna mix for the aroma. The next day, I decided to skip the henna, and use rose water on hair directly. Once my hair has air-dried slightly, I use a leave-in serum, after which I like to add a film of rose water. Just like in case of my skin, my hair, too, loses all stickiness under the loving touch of rose water. It becomes light and gets volume. I have really long hair which is particularly thin near the edges. So, I use the rose water particularly in the lowest sections, leaving the mid-section of the length to enjoy the moisturising effect of the serum. I usually rub a little bit of rose water into the skull, to keep it from getting oily, and also because rose water can fight infection.

Simple Uses of Rose Water in Beauty and Care: JustODThings

Simple Uses of Rose Water in Beauty and Care

I’m now obsessed with using rose water in beauty regime!

It’s been a while since I have taken proper care of myself. So, I decided that it’s time to incorporate simple, fuss-free practices of beauty and care into my daily routine to feel better about myself. Hence, I bought three spray bottles of rose water online and started using it again. I went looking for the trusted Dabur variant, but found the Jiva rose water spray bottles instead. I have to say – the spray thing has proven to be really handy. It prevents wastage or overuse to a large extent. My methods of using rose water in beauty might not be as innovative as I think and are probably used by many. But they are definitely a step away from the face pack fuss. They are extremely effective, and simple enough to be used regularly.

I’m also planning on making a concoction of rose water – you know, to take things to a more advanced level. Hopefully, I’ll see good results. So, keep an eye on this space. I promise it will not be a complicated process!

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