5 Fun Jeans Outfits To Jazz Up Your Favourite Pair!

There are days when you just do not find the right outfit to wear in the Amazon Forest that is your closet. On such days, your trusted ol’ friend comes to your rescue. Yes, I’m talking about your favourite pair of jeans. Yup, we all have that one special pair of jeans that we love more than any other pair of jeans and pants. But, do you ever feel insecure about looking boring in that loving, comfy pair? I do. So, instead of wearing other pants, I have come up with 5 fun jeans outfits. Yes, the same pair every time, to jazz up your look, wherever you go!

5 Fun Jeans Outfits To Jazz Up Your Favourite Pair - Just_DThings

5 Fun Jeans Outfits To Jazz Up Your Favourite Pair!

5 Fun Jeans Outfits To Jazz Up Your Favourite Pair!

1.Poncho Look with Scarf

I love to plan an outfit for an event, and then go there wearing my trusted jeans with whatever is on the Chairdrobe – the chair on which we dump clothes we’re too lazy to fold, duh! An easy way to jazz up a boring jeans-top/kurti look is to add a scarf/dupatta (or shawl in winter). Scarves are a lifesaver; they create fun jeans outfits instantly. One of my favourite things to make with a scarf is a poncho. I pin the ends to form a large top loop, and then pin again at two spots for the head and hands. Add a belt for a kaftan shape, but only soft fabrics prevent gathering. Based on the items you use, you can get a western, Indo-western or Boho look.

Poncho Look with Scarf - Fun Ways To Wear Jeans! - JustODThings

Poncho Look with Scarf – Fun Ways To Wear Jeans!

2. Dress n’ Jeans Look

Ever owned a dress which just sits in one lonely corner of the wardrobe, with no hope to see the sunlight ever again, because it’s really short, and you’re too scared to wear it? Well, here’s an idea – just turn it into a tunic and rock it with your favourite pair of jeans! To make the combination work, add a layer of an oversized cardigan or coat of a longer length. The variety in lengths creates streamlining. Plus, it’s so chic! Go for a little height and wear heels with this ensemble, to avoid looking bulky. I like to throw in a belt if I’m wearing a shift dress with jeans, and play around with its position. Such a simple yet gorgeous everyday ensemble!

Dress n'Jeans Look - Fun Ways To Wear Jeans! - JustODThings

Dress n’Jeans Look – Fun Ways To Wear Jeans!

3. Pant-Saree Look

Granted, this is no outfit to wear to the supermarket. But, at any party, fest or Pride rally, you’ll stand out in it, looking like you’re straight down from the ramp! Fold a part of the wider end of the saree into pleats and tuck the bunch in. Then, drape the rest of it around, and put the other end of the saree on the shoulder, like you would a regular saree. Have fun playing with the draping, folds, how much jeans to show, etc. I’ve used crop top instead of a blouse to boost the quirk quotient! Anything goes, like tank tops or kurtis. If you’re scared of wearing saree with jeans, start with a Dupatta or a scarf without pleats!

Tip: If your jeans’ waist feels too tight to tuck in the pleats, wear a belt outside its loops. The belt won’t show at all after you have completed one of the most fun jeans outfits after in the pleats and draping the saree!

Pant-Saree Look - Fun Ways To Wear Jeans! - JustODThings

Pant-Saree Look – Fun Ways To Wear Jeans!

4. Jumpsuit Look with Waistcoat

I love waistcoats, the traditional ones that are supposed to be worn with a suit. And, when I found that my dad can no more slip into his waistcoat from his wedding, I stole it to use during the fall! I love to team it with this particular pair of jeans, as the colours match perfectly, giving the ensemble a jumpsuit kinda look. The whole outfit creates a sleek and tall frame, and I prefer to wear flats with it. Sneakers go well, too. So androgynous! Using a jacket of a fabric like merino wool. poly blend, etc. creates a lovely fusion of casual and formal. You can go for jeans and waistcoat of two shades, too! Keep experimenting!

Jumpsuit Look with Waistcoat - Fun Ways To Wear Jeans! - JustODThings

Jumpsuit Look with Waistcoat – Fun Ways To Wear Jeans!

5. Street Style-Inspired Look with Two Shirts

Denim is the key player on runways when it comes to street style. Thus, fashion weeks have inspired me to continue dressing comfortably in jeans with shirts stolen from three nice men in my life. Particularly on slightly colder days when my inner reptile needs layers, I team up my jeans with a long white shirt, and add a shorter, oversized denim shirt, as the top layer. What can I say? I love the rugged androgyny. But, to avoid looking sloppy, and for a feminine touch, I add heels and accessories. Button up the top (jacket) shirt as you like, go asymmetrical or leave it open. It’s fun to go asymmetrical with the jeans’ hemlines, as well.

Tip: You can wear a shirt-dress and/or any oversized shirt; it doesn’t matter whether the shelf you pick it from says “Male”, ‘Female” or “Plus-Size”.

Street Style-Inspired Look with Two Shirts - Fun Ways To Wear Jeans! - JustODThings

Street Style-Inspired Look with Two Shirts – Fun Ways To Wear Jeans!

One pair, many looks ranging from simple to quirky – you can see how the pair of jeans you love so much can so easily become the hero of all these innovative numbers! I think these fun jeans outfits will look amazing, no matter what shape of denim pants you pick. While wearing skinny jeans or jeggings is a safe choice, regular or straight fit jeans and even flared jeans will definitely raise the bizarre bar!

Whatever the destination or occasion might be, jeans don’t have to look boring. Add as much of your ‘weird’ to it as you want. Take baby steps. Just make the look your own! You can weaponize that pair of jeans you love so much to kill people with the confidence of being in something familiar and comfortable, as well as scoring high in the quirk quotient test!

Wardrobe Courtesy: Various, including Fashion @ Big Bazaar

Camera: Upasana Sarkar

Jewellery Courtesy and Styling: Upasana Sarkar

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