A Date with the Summer Breeze at Deck 88 atop The Astor Hotel

A Date with the Summer Breeze at Deck 88 atop The Astor Hotel

Every middle-class Bangali person has a thing for our roofs – at least those who grew up in the 90’s, in a house and not a flat do. There are little gardens there. We take evening strolls on the roofs. We put chairs there for ourselves and our guests. Our memories of spending nights on the roof with our family, watching the stars and falling gently into the world of sleep, are still vivid and precious. As a child, my favourite evening activity was to ride the swing installed for me there, or walk my baby brother in a stroller. I’d watch the clouds, and try to figure out the constellations. Sometimes, as the breeze played with my hair, I liked to imagine myself on the deck of a gigantic ship, sailing towards the mountains of clouds. I figure the temperature and humidity of Kolkata has a huge part to play in the roof-love of our lives.

A Date with the Summer Breeze at Deck 88 atop The Astor Hotel

A Date with the Summer Breeze at Deck 88 atop The Astor Hotel: JustODThings

A Date with the Summer Breeze at Deck 88 atop The Astor Hotel

The reason I have suddenly started talking romantically about roofs is because I have recently had a beautiful experience at the alfresco cafe and bistro called Deck 88, atop the Banquets of The Astor Hotel which is located at 15, Shakespeare Sarani. After having spent a lovely summer evening at this beautiful place, I can’t get over how pretty Deck 88 is.

Deck 88 – An Urban Terrace Garden

The facade of The Astor has an ageless charm, and Deck 88 is set against this classical beauty. It is actually a terrace space that has been transformed into an urban garden space, with an abundance of greenery. To go with the abundance of greenery of the vertical garden and the potted plants, there’s teakwood finished furniture, rustic flooring, and rough metal frameworks, along with the railings and ornamental jails that blend the terrace into the building of The Astor. Depending on the mood, one can sit in the cafe-style space or the lounging dining area. I particularly loved how the bamboo partitions allow a sense of openness even while providing some enclosure. Needless to say, the metal finished bar with all the herbs and potted plants, seemed particularly interesting.

Deck 88 - An Urban Terrace Garden with an Incredible Bar: JustODThings

Deck 88 – An Urban Terrace Garden with an Incredible Bar

Comfort Food, with Drinks for a Buzz

Speaking of its bar, I must mention that Deck 88 offers some incredible drinks. I absolutely love their cocktails; they taste like magical concoctions, and feel the same, too! Whether you’re a tippler or an occasional drinker, you will find something that will lift your spirit. What’s better than a delicious drink leaving you buzzed, as you enjoy a fun evening out in the open? Of course, being the Bangali foodie that I am, none of the drinks and good ambience would have made any difference if the food weren’t incredible. Thankfully, it is. I have different kinds of finger food at Deck 88, and they are all absolutely delicious. And, like everything else at Deck 88, our favourite comfort food items also get a quirky twist here!

Comfort Food, with Drinks for a Buzz - at Deck 88: JustODThings

Comfort Food, with Drinks for a Buzz – at Deck 88

Deck 88 – Perfect Place for a Date with the Breeze

It’s one thing to enjoy good food and delicious drinks in the presence of good company, and another to do the same when the breeze gently caresses your face. And, that’s what you get at Deck 88. I have always loved the feel of wind, be it the spring breeze or the monsoon storm. Today, as I spend most of my time sitting cooped up in front of my PC, working, I keep all doors and windows closed. Because, the slightest touch of the wind can make time stop for me. And that’s Deck 88 works for me. When I’m there, alone or with friends and family, I know I’m free to let myself stop and enjoy the view of the city skyline. I am free to I romance the wind, for the time that I have allowed myself to be there.

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