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Just OD Things: Something about OD

Welcome to the virtual space where OD speaks of her experiences in this big bad beautiful world. In this space, she raves about good food, shares her own recipes, discusses her fashion and lifestyle choices, and rants about many things around her – A LOT! And this blog is all about OD…

Everything she posts are her own experiences, her opinions, and the choices she makes in life, be it about the restaurant she chooses for a lunch date, the way she ties her hair, the food she thinks are healthy, or the things she finds unbearable.

Oendrila De is a Food Blogger from kolkata

The Blogging is all about OD – By OD

It is also worth mentioning that even though the author is a cis woman, she tries to make this a space for everyone – and that means no matter where you belong in the gender spectrum, you are welcome.

Please remember that even though this page will have posts about beauty, fashion, health, fitness, etc., it does not promote any single standard of beauty. You are all free to choose your own lifestyle, whether or not in includes poking your eyes with mascara and walking around on painfully pointy things. There cannot be a particular definition of beauty. You’re as beautiful as you think, no matter your shape, size, colour and clothes.

And here goes something more about OD…

OD knows that there is no need for beauty or fashion or probably anything you’ll find on this page, to be successful of confident. Some people believe that they do not need to be conventionally beautiful. She respects the thought. She personally believes in the concept of self-love ‘because of’ everything a person is, and not ‘in spite of’ any aspect. She believes that different forms of beauty include imperfections. From the perfect roses, to the unique orchids – it’s all beautiful.

Oendrila De - Food Blogger From Kolkata

JustODthings About OD

OD also loves to eat anything and everything. It is nobody’s business what she puts in her mouth. She hates being judged for eating the whole pizza, enjoying beef steak, or avoiding veg food. She also hates the condescension she receives for skipping carbs, or exercising. She understands that her paradoxical habits are confusing, but they are her own. Just like most of her thoughts, ideas and views.

Now you have a small idea about OD and this site. But, don’t try to judge her of figure her out from her posts. Just read what you enjoy, and skip the rest. She knows she cannot please everyone, and respects people’s feelings and principles, as long as those feelings and principles do not disrespect anyone’s existence or reality.