Back to the Gym – In Stylish Gym Wear at 1000 Bucks ONLY!

I just returned to the gym today. And the weird thing is, I am oddly excited about it. It’s great to be back and trying to enjoy letting my body do the best it can… Ok, I admit, that’s some really big talk on the first day of returning to the gym, but I am honestly happy that I have once again taken the initiative to move my joints and straighten my back, rather than sitting cooped up in front of the laptop all day, and (almost) all night. The other reason for all this excitement is my new sets of gym wear. I have been excited about them for a week, since I realized that it’s possible to return to the gym in stylish gym wear at 1000 bucks!

Back to the Gym - In Stylish Gym Wear at 1000 Bucks ONLY: JustODThings

Back to the Gym – In Stylish Gym Wear at 1000 Bucks ONLY!

Back to the Gym – In Stylish Gym Wear at 1000 Bucks ONLY!

So, what happened a week ago? Well, a week ago, I went shopping at FBB. I had just received a couple of vouchers from them, and had made up my mind to pick two items each of which would cost a Rs. 1000 or less. I went through the collections, and the dresses and ethnic wear sections looked most promising. After several episodes of trial room visits and browsing through the entire shop, I was about to walk to to the counter with a dress and a salwar, each worth 999 bucks. Yes, there are some incredibly trendy items available at Rs. 1000 or less. And then, my eyes fell on the sportswear section!

Back to the Gym: In Stylish Gym Wear at 1000 Bucks ONLY - Thanks to FBB: JustODThings

Back to the Gym: In Stylish Gym Wear at 1000 Bucks ONLY – Thanks to FBB!

I remembered my plans to join the gym and decided to just take a look at the collection. What caught my eyes first were the track pants. This collection starts at Rs. 699, and includes items of different lengths and materials. I picked two pairs, one of knee-length, and the other, full length. To pair with them, I went straight to the plain t-shirt section. These are cute, extremely comfortable on the skin, and cost just Rs. 299! I picked myself a pink and a blue “cu-tee” (see what I did there, with ‘cute’ and ‘tee’? Huh? Ok…) So, a single set of a t-shirt and a pair of track pants come at Rs. 998. The items aremade of stretchable materials, and are light enough to allow the skin to breathe. So, the sweaty summer isn’t the excuse to skip the gym anymore, thanks to Fashion @ Big Bazaar!

Here’s a look at my shopping experience at FBB for stylish gym wear at 1000 bucks:

FBB’s new collection offers some extremely fashionable products at just Rs. 1000. But, looking back, I’m glad I went for the gym wear. this set of affordable but stylish gym wear is the best buy this summer at the given price range. So, here I am today, back from the gym, sweating like a pig and panting like a dog after walking for half a kilometre on the treadmill, and about 10 minutes of resistance training, yet feeling hugely accomplished – and quite stylish! Yes, I’ll admit, my new set of gym wear is part of the reason behind my new-found interest for gymming, but hey! Whatever floats the boat, right? I’m just glad to be back, and while the novelty surrounding the clothes will wear off soon, I am pretty sure that the aching muscles at the end of each day will keep reminding me to push harder and get fitter. Meanwhile, it doesn’t hurt to look in the mirror and look like a million bucks, knowing all the while that the attire costs less than a thousand bucks!

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