Balmain Paris Texturising Salt Spray: Review, Price and Tutorial

Balmain Paris Texturising Salt Spray: Review, Price and How to Use

I have always been praised for my super silky, pin straight hair. People love that I don’t have to go to the salon to get my hair straightened. But, nobody is ever happy with what they have. When people say “straight and fine”, I hear “flat and limp”. When they say “silky”, I hear “incapable of holding texture or hairstyle”.  I have naturally tried several styling products and techniques to make my hair look voluminous and fun, but at the end of the day, I end up with my boring, straight hair. Now, I have been hearing a lot about the trend of beach hair, using salt sprays. So, I decided to try one. Here’s the review of the Balmain Paris Texturising Salt Spray, along with other details.

Balmain Paris Texturising Salt Spray: Review, Price and Tutorial

Balmain Paris Texturising Salt Spray - Review, Price and How to Use: JustODThings

Balmain Paris Texturising Salt Spray – Review, Price and How to Use

About Balmain Paris Texturising Salt Spray

The Balmain Paris Texturising Salt Spray is a hair product that promises to give the perfect summer beach waves to the hair, by adding body and texture. It offers flexible hold with control, as the salt infused in the light spray creates definition.

Price: Rs. 800 for 50 ml.

How to Use Salt Spray

After reading many – and contradictory – instructions online, here’s how I used the product:

1) Wash and towel-dry your hair. Don’t use a leave-in conditioner.

2) Brush your hair. If your hair strands are fine, like mine, and prone to breaking, finger-comb through your hair gently detangle it and get rid of the mess.

3) Shake the bottle of texturising salt spray.

4) Apply the spray on the strands. Concentrate on the roots and the lower half of the hair till the tips.

5) Now, scrunch your hair with your hands, to activate the texturising effect of the salt spray. I would suggest that you keep your hair bunched up in a messy way, using a hair clamp or a scrunchy. The longer you keep it that way, the longer your waves will last. Other ways to gain texture is to tie your hair in a plait.

I believe the lack of any smoothening product on the hair, followed by tying the wet hair and leaving it there, play an important part in a noticeable gain of volume and waves by using a salt spray.


As I said before, my hair does not respond well to efforts to style or texturise it. After I used the Balmain Paris Texturising Salt Spray and kept it tied up in a messy bun for half an hour or so, I noticed that the tips of my hair had some waves. Since my hair also has some layers, these sections, too, seemed to have gained volume and soft curls. The root area looked less flat than it usually does. But I am also pre I noticed a significant change in how amazing my hair smelt and felt! However, I noticed a few days later that my hair felt a lttle round.


Here are the positive effects of the product on my hair:

1) Leaves a beautiful aroma in the hair.

2) Hair becomes positively softer and more flexible.

3) Adds a subtle amount of wavy texture and volume to flat hair.

4) Effects last for up to 12 hours.


Here’s how I was a little disappointed with the results of using the salt spray:

1) Effect on long hair is quite inconsistent.

2) It takes a long time for the effect to show on straight and smooth hair in terms of texture or volume.

3) Effects may not last long enough if you brush hair too much or don’t give it enough time to set.

4) Expensive.

5) Hair becomes dry after a few days.

Final Verdict

I quite enjoyed the irregular texture of my hair. But, considering the price of the product, the change in my hairstyle and texture was not exactly as I would hope for. I strongly blame the natural texture of my hair for that, which strongly disagrees to give in to my efforts to style it, and refuses to cooperate with texturising products. I also believe that the length played its part, as the strands which are shorter held the curves better and for a longer time. It is also to be remembered that texturising the hair may not be as quick and easy as it is usually said. Keeping the hair scrunched for a long time is important.

So, if your hair is as long, fine or obstinate as mine, then this product is probably not for you.  If you are used to getting good results from using styling products and tools, this might work for you and give you a beachy look, or add some texture and volume to your hair when it looks flat and boring. You can use it on both wet, as well as dry hair.

Balmain Hair Couture India in Kolkata

Balmain Paris is an internationally renowned luxury brand. It is known for high-end fashion products and accessories, as well as perfumes. Balmain Hair Couture India is a range of exclusive hair products and tools which are considered perfect for styling the mane for any occasion, from runways to personal use. Its master trainer and global ambassador, Yianni Tsapatori, recently launched the range of hair products by the brand in Kolkata at Bridgette Jones Fashion Salon in February 2018. Now, the fashionistas of Kolkata can give a luxe finishing touch to any hairstyle!

[The product reviewed was sponsored by Balmain Hair Couture India and Supreeta Singh PR]

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