Basic Meal-Prep Chicken Recipe for Salads

It’s been a couple of months, and I have been committed to a lunch of salads. Initially, I was the one doing the cooking – if you can call making salads cooking. Once the novelty wore off, it became my dad’s responsibility. While he loves to do all this, I still decided to arrange for a partial meal prep to make his job a little easier. I decided to prep enough chicken for three meals. Here’s a quick meal-prep chicken recipe to serve as the base of my salad meals.

Partial Meal-Prep Chicken Recipe for Salads

For this meal-prep chicken recipe, you’ll need to first figure out how much chicken you can have for a day. I figured I can have about 200 gm of chicken in three days. So, I took a chicken breast. You can go ahead and add more. As you’ll see, it’s a pretty simple recipe:


  1. Chicken breast piece
  2. Salt
  3. Pepper
  4. Lemon juice
  5. Aromatics of your choice
  6. Oil/butter


Hold the chicken breast flat on the chopping board and slice it horizontally to get thin pieces. Now, add salt, pepper, and lemon juice to cover the pieces nicely.

Now, heat some oil in the cooking pan. I like to add just a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of oil. Now, place the thin slices of chicken in the heating oil.

Add the aromatics. I like to add oregano and Piri Piri spice mix at this stage. It depends on what spices I have available: ginger/garlic/onion powder, chilli powder, coriander – whatever is lying around.

Turn the piece upside down after about half a minute, and let it be for another half a minute. Now, add enough water or chicken stock to just about submerge the chicken. At this point, you can add a few fresh aromatics, too, like pieces of garlic, onion, green chilli, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, etc.

Now, let the chicken pieces boil in the water for about 15 min. During this time, the chicken will soak in the flavours of the aromatics that you have added to the water. Turn off the heat and let the chicken sit in the spiced up water for a while.

Next, take the chicken pieces in a bowl, and using two forks, simply pull out the chicken piece apart. This means that the fibres stay as they are – long and whole. Do NOT mash the pieces; otherwise, they will taste like masticated food. As you pull the fibres apart, let the larger chunks be as they are.

Once that’s done, add a tablespoon or two of mayonnaise. You can also go with unflavoured Greek yoghurt, or just plain hung yoghurt with minimal water content. Store this in an air-tight box and refrigerate.

Now, this pulled chicken will last you the entire week, depending on your consumption and the amount of chicken you’ve used.

You can add it to salads, as I do. I prefer to have my vegetables for lunch cut daily. Chopping up veggies for the entire week just sounds wrong to me. This pulled chicken can be added to vegetables like cabbage, cauliflowers, broccoli, corn, mushrooms, carrots, red and yellow peppers, etc., along with a large tablespoon of mayo, and a sprinkling of spices. I try to avoid the carb-rich veggies, but my nutritionist told me to eat colourful vegetables, and I am using her advice to my advantage.

You can also add this chicken to sandwiches, though they are not my recommended meal option if you’re trying to lose weight. I was on Keto diet for about 4-5 months, and it worked wonders for me. At this point, Keto diet, with a target of 20 gm carb and high fat, is a little difficult for me. However, I try to keep the carb content in my daily diet plan as low as possible.

And, this easy meal-prep chicken recipe seems to be working quite well for me (and my dad), since there’s no need to spend any extra time in preparing the meals on a daily basis.

I suggest you try two different items at the same time. For instance, I prepared a stock of shrimps, too. I’d say it’s better to cook twice on a Sunday than cook every day on weekdays.

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