Best of Both Worlds at Soul Cafe Kolkata in Park Circus

Best of Both Worlds at Soul Cafe Kolkata in Park Circus

We, the Bangalis, are inherently addabaj. And, while we find a place for our gossips, political discussions, etc. almost anywhere from classrooms and print rooms to cafeterias and washrooms, we have had our favourite adda joints that, for a long time, remained a part of our culture. Coffee House, Rabindra Sadan, and the annual Kolkata Book Fair come to mind. I have been saddened by how we have abandoned these places, and shifted to food courts at shopping malls and fancy cafes that sell pumpkin latte and overpriced tea over the past decade. That’s why every time I walk into a hangout zone with a touch of homeliness, I feel excited. Soul Cafe in Park Circus turned out to be a place with the best of both worlds, with an unpretentious, as well as a fancy side – along with great food!

Best of Both Worlds at Soul Cafe Kolkata in Park Circus

Best of Both Worlds at Soul Cafe Kolkata in Park Circus: JustODThings

Best of Both Worlds at Soul Cafe Kolkata in Park Circus

Location and Ambience

Soul Cafe has two outlets, one in Syed Amir Ali Avenue, and the other at Elgin. I visited the one at Syed Amir Ali Ave, Ballygunge. It’s quite close to the Quest Mall; if fact, if you walk from the mall for around half a kilometer towards the direction of Gariahat, you will find the cafe on your left. The place is loosely divided into four sections. There’s a large seating area to enjoy mood lighting. This portion leads to another smaller seating area, separated by a glass wall to allow a little more privacy.It gives a view of the outside, where you can enjoy outdoor seating, which, with its white tables and chairs, and plants all around, looks much like a part of a resort. Soul Cafe also has a separate room with a pool table.

Outdoor Seating at Soul Cafe Kolkata: JustODThings

Outdoor Seating at Soul Cafe Kolkata

There’s something really fresh about the ambience of Soul Cafe. Perhaps, it’s the decor, with completely unrelated components coming together to make perfect sense. The aquarium, the Buddha idol and the dream catcher fit into the decor as much as the large and colourful light bulbs, full-size lighted vanity mirror and wallpapers with quirky writings and sketches of portraits. The music played here is pretty adds to the youthful vibe in this place. The outdoor area of the cafe, and the section right beside it, were my favourites. This is where I got a homely feel because of the residential neighbourhood, some natural light, and see the garden lights beginning to gleam up. The section inside, on the other hand, has a high energy level, and seems perfect for teens and tweens.

Indoor Ambience of Soul Cafe Kolkata: JustODThings

Indoor Ambience of Soul Cafe Kolkata

Soul Cafe Kolkata – More than Just Food and Coffee

Soul Cafe is a lovely place to hang out and enjoy great food. But it’s more than just that. Besides the pool room where you can enjoy yourself, the place also has a dedicated smoking space. If you’re a fan of Hookah, this is your place! Simultaneously, the cafe, which has the tagline “Cafe – Fitness – Fun”, also has a special area of fitness activities and a trainer. Even their menu includes a number of healthy options, like the gluten-free oats, chicken with a green stuffing, detox juices, and much more. What’s good is that unlike most other health food places, you have the option to choose items that fit your diet plan, while your friends can enjoy all the cheese and carbs they want! Neither of you has to make a sacrifice.

Menu at Soul Cafe Kolkata

I was with my blogger friends for a food tasting, and we chose neither healthy options nor hookah. We stuck to what we love most – soul-satisfying, filling food. Soul Cafe’s co-owner, Krittika Dutt, was with us the whole time to suggest the most popular items on the menu.


Mocktails at Best of Both Worlds at Soul Cafe Kolkata in Park Circus: JustODTHings

Mocktails at Best of Both Worlds at Soul Cafe Kolkata in Park Circus

We chose three mocktails – the Masala Mantra, the Mint Julep, and the Shirley Temple. The Mint Julep was like a beautiful glass of freshness, with mint, mint leaf and soda, though its flavour and taste were a little too strong for me, since I’m not much of a mint person. What I loved was the Shirley Temple, a drink that looked sunrise in a glass; and, it tasted so good with the goodness of orange, pineapple, fresh lime, and ice-cream, that I ordered another glass! I also loved the Masala Mantra; it was a spicy mocktail of guava, orange, and mango, with a dash of tabasco and chaat masala. The heat of the tabasco complemented the distinct taste of guava.


Our starters began to arrive soon, and we started with the Chicken Crispers; these chicken tenders, made succulent and tasty with the marination, had a light and crispy coating. These were just perfect as starters, since, unlike most fries, were not heavy.

Chicken Crispers at Soul Cafe Kolkata: JustODThings

Chicken Crispers at Soul Cafe Kolkata

What followed was equally stellar: Stuffed Mushrooms with Pesto and Cheese. A delicious coating outside, soft and juicy mushrooms inside, cheese oozing out, and pesto with just the right punch and heat it became an instant favourite!

Stuffed Mushrooms with Pesto and Cheese at Soul Cafe Kolkata: JustODThings

Stuffed Mushrooms with Pesto and Cheese at Soul Cafe Kolkata

Next, we tried the Scottish Eggs. Now, these are not like the regular Scotch Eggs that we have; they are quite large, with a thick, deep-fried coating of sausage. I thought that the sausage coating was slightly on the drier side, and was a little too thick for a tiny egg. Besides, I was really hoping the egg would be soft boiled, with a runny yolk, but the egg was hard-boiled. However, it tasted quite good, especially with the sweet chilli sauce.

Scottish Eggs at Soul Cafe Kolkata: JustODThings

Scottish Eggs at Soul Cafe Kolkata

Then came the Drunken Shrimps. Thanks to my past experiences, I’m have always been a little skeptical about shrimps in a cocktail glass served on a bed of mayonnaise mixed with tomato ketchup, and shredded leaves. But, this one was NOTHING close. Each piece was sauteed in whiskey to achieve perfection of texture and taste. So moreish!

Drunken Shrimps at Soul Cafe Kolkata: JustODThings

Drunken Shrimps at Soul Cafe Kolkata


We then moved on to mains. First came the Grilled Chicken. The piece of chicken breast was well-marinated and coated in a thick, flavourful gravy, and it came with steamed veggies and mashed potato.

Grilled Chicken at Soul Cafe Kolkata: JustODThings

Grilled Chicken at Soul Cafe Kolkata

Then, the Chicken Ranch Burger arrived. It had a nice and juicy chicken patty inside, and went beautifully with the sweet and sour Ranch dressing, sweet, caramelised onions, and house salad.

Chicken Crispers at Soul Cafe Kolkata: JustODThings

Chicken Crispers at Soul Cafe Kolkata

My favourite main course dish, however, was the Pan Seared Fish. It looked like an interesting recipe on the menu, and turned out to be absolutely delightful. The fish pieces melted away in the mouth, and the wine reduction with a dash of Mandarin, which came with the fish, was just sublime! I felt that the portion size was a little small; I just could not get enough of the dish!

Pan Seared Fish at Soul Cafe Kolkata: JustODThings

Pan Seared Fish at Soul Cafe Kolkata


After all the heavenly dishes, we finished our late lunch at Soul Cafe Kolkata with a sinful dessert, the Chocolate Cigar. Five wafer rolls with a drizzling of chocolate sauce and a dollop of ice-cream: I cannot think of a better way to end a beautiful, filling meal!

Chocolate Cigar for Dessert at Soul Cafe Kolkata: JustODThings

Chocolate Cigar for Dessert at Soul Cafe Kolkata

My Verdict

Soul Cafe seemed like one of those new cafes in Kolkata which are trying to revive the adda culture of Bangalis. For the most part, I was thoroughly impressed by the place. The place gave me a very positive vibe, and I could see that it is perfect for the young crowd, as well. If you’re not an aged soul like me, and want to enjoy yourself, you’ll have that option here in the same cafe. On the other hand, you can choose to sit peacefully and enjoy a lovely chat with your friends, with good food on the plate, without getting disturbed. And of course, there’s really good food to choose from! It’s the perfect place for the fun-loving Kolkatans of all ages.

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