Bloggers’ Meet at Fusion Fantasea in Southern Avenue

Ask a Kolkatan about seafood, tribal cuisine or fusion food, and they will rave about a single place – Santa’s Fantasea in Golpark. So much did the Kolkatan love this unique food joint that the brand went ahead and established another branch in Salt Lake. This year, right around the time of Durga Pujo, they decided to gift Kolkatans a new restaurant. Fusion Fantasea in Southern Avenue is an all new take on the parent brand, Santa’s Fantasea, specialising in off-beat dishes of Chettinad, Goan, Kerala, Mangalorean, Tibetan, Maharashtrian, and other cuisines from different parts of India, and catering to those who love to try something new and unique.

Bloggers’ Meet at Fusion Fantasea in Southern Avenue

Bloggers' Meet at Fusion Fantasea at Southern Avenue - JustODThings

Bloggers’ Meet at Fusion Fantasea at Southern Avenue

How To Locate Fusion Fantasea

I was there for a bloggers’ meet with the other members of Panch Phoron. I found it slightly difficult to locate the restaurant at first. It’s located at Anil Roy Road in Southern Avenue. Take the road in front of Kamala Girl’s School, and walk straight, facing Sarat Bose Road. Stick to the left, as you cross Karma Fitness, Udipi Home and Coffee n Mood. Then turn left to Anil Roy Road, and as you take a few steps, you will be able to see “Fusion Fantasea” blazing on the name card on your left!

Ambience and Decor

Decor at My Favourite First Floor of Fusion Fantasea - JustODThings

Decor at My Favourite First Floor of Fusion Fantasea

On entering, I was taken by surprise! The restaurant area includes three floors of the building, with each floor having a different look and theme. But, they all reflected the feel and ambience of Santa’s. The ground floor was under renovation when we went for the meet. The first floor has a tribal décor, with metal-finish statues, cane and other handcrafted accessories, and of course, Santa’s Fantasea’s signature wall mural depicting a tribal person’s face. The 2nd floor has a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, with nets and wall paintings and wooden furniture. The topmost floor, with fluorescent lights and a haunting ambience, is the hookah bar. Altogether, the restaurant us hugely spacious.


Our evening was studded with some of the well-chosen items from their unique menu. The ones I tried were Tabbak Crown Ribs, Fantasea Special Kabab, Squid Koli-Wada, Surmai Masala Fry, Mutton Rogan Josh, Fish Chilli Milly and Fish Chettinad.

Fusion and Tribal Food Fusion Fantasea - JustODThings

Fusion and Tribal Food Fusion Fantasea


I was truly excited to try their fish and seafood starter. And, I have to say, Fusion Fantasea didn’t disappoint me at all! The Squid Koli-Wada, made with the softest, freshest squids, fried lightly to achieve an appetising golden colour, led to an explosion of ajwain, ginger and  garlic in the mouth. I totally fell in love with the spicy and coconutty Fish Chilli Milly, too. But, what stood out for me was the Surmai Masala Fry. It was melt-in-your-mouth soft, with an exotic mix of South Indian flavours inside out.

Seafood Starters at Fusion Fantasea - JustODThings

Seafood Starters at Fusion Fantasea

I also tried their Tabbak Crown Ribs and Fantasea Special Kabab, both mutton starter preparations. While the two dishes had an interesting hint of flavours, with Kashmiri aromas infused in the meat, I found them a little bland in taste. Besides, I would have preferred the two items to taste a little more distinct from each other, like the other starters, each of which felt singular on the taste-buds. I’m generally a fan of meat on a bone, mainly because of the softness these pieces have. Sadly, these mutton kababs seemed to lack that kind of tenderness. I admit that I made the mutton kababs wait on the table for a short while, as I tried the other starters first. But I don’t think it was long enough for them to turn so chewy.

Mutton Starters at Fusion Fantasea - JustODThings

Mutton Starters at Fusion Fantasea

Main Course

They served Fish Chettinad and Mutton Rogan Josh. The fish item was cooked in a beautifully balanced gravy of tomato and coconut, with a lovely whiff of garam masala. I don’t usually like my savoury dishes sweet. But I loved how in this dish, the sweetness wasn’t overpowering. The Rogan Josh was something new for me. The name always brought the picture of mutton in a robust, red gravy. However, Fusion Fantasea’s Rogan Josh is white, which raised my curiosity. And, I thus came to know that the authentic version of this dish can have a white base, depending on the choice of the chef. It can be sweet or spicy; the colour of the gravy changes accordingly. Fusion Fantasea’s version is nothing like I’ve ever tasted. It was gentle to the senses, with subtle tastes and flavours of Kashmiri spices. It was like a comfort food!

Main Course at Fusion Fantasea - JustODThings

Main Course at Fusion Fantasea

Final Verdict

I was totally floored by their hospitality, their amazing mix of tribal and Halloween-style décor and of course, their food, especially the seafood and Mutton Rogan Josh. As a Santa’s Fantasea loyalist not just for seafood, but also for their mutton dishes, especially the Mutton Bansa Pora, I would hope Fusion Fantasea perfects the mutton starters and reaches the level that this brand stands for. Overall, my first look at Fusion Fantasea makes me want to return there for more!

Fusion Fantasea: New Restaurant by Kolkata's Favourite Santa's Fantasea - JustODThings

Fusion Fantasea: New Restaurant by Kolkata’s Favourite Santa’s Fantasea

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