Bloggers’ Meet at Vegetarian Restaurant Spice Ocean

They say, Kolkata is a city of non-vegetarians and non-non-vegetarians. There’s no place for vegetarians here. True enough, in a city full of people who take their Ilish vs Chingri debate as seriously as the Trump vs Clinton discussion, vegetarians find it difficult to survive. But, there are actually quite a few eateries that are solely dedicated to vegetarian lovers, amid all the restaurants in the city that cater to the carnivores. And, the vegetarian restaurant Spice Ocean in Salt Lake Sector 1 is the newest among them.

Bloggers’ Meet at Vegetarian Restaurant Spice Ocean

All New Pure Veg Restaurant In Kolkata: Spice Garden - JustODThings

All New Pure Veg Restaurant In Kolkata: Spice Garden

Located in the easily accessible area near Salt Lake swimming pool, Spice Ocean has been around for around five months. And in this short time, it has won over vegetarian lovers, primarily because it is one of those places where people can come and dine without having to worry about whether or not the kitchens and utensils are the same for veg and non-veg items, whether the veg menu is as elaborate and carefully curated as the non-veg counterpart, etc. I was there to attend a bloggers’ meet with Panch Phoron and had what I can confidently call a rare opportunity, to dine at a pure veg restaurant.

Ambience at Spice Ocean

I was thoroughly impressed by the ambience and décor. It’s chic, with a combination of cream and brown, and well thought out, giving gentle setting. The seating arrangement is well-spaced. There’s also a special area for meetings or private parties, and it can accommodate around 40 people.

Dinner Menu at Spice Ocean

For the dinner, they arranged for some of their specialities. The list of items we tried that night is as follows:

Dinner Menu For Bloggers' Meet At Spice Ocean - JustODThings

Dinner Menu For Bloggers’ Meet At Spice Ocean


Virgin Mojito
Orange Mojito
Cold Coffee
Oreo Shake

Drinks At Spice Ocean - JustODThings

Drinks At Spice Ocean


Cream of Mushroom Soup
Manchow Soup
Lemon Coriander Soup

Veg Soups Served With Crispy Fried Noodles At Spice Ocean - JustODThings

Veg Soups Served With Crispy Fried Noodles At Spice Ocean


Golden Mushrooms
Crispy Chilli Babycorn
Dahi ke Kebab
Afghani Cheese Malai Paneer Tikka
Nargisi Tandoori Aloo
Crispy Spinach with Cream Yoghurt
Barbeque Cheese Shaslik

Appetizers At Spice Ocean - JustODThings

Appetizers At Spice Ocean


Potato rosti in Mushroom sauce with herbs rice
Double Cream Cheese Risotto
Pasta in White Sauce
Veg Au Gratin
Chilli Garlic Noodles
Red Thai Curry
Dal Maharani
Paneer Pasanda
Navratan Korma
Dum Veg Biryani with Raita

Mains At Spice Ocean - JustODThings

Mains At Spice Ocean


Sizzling Brownie
Rosemary Apple Pie

Desserts At Spice Ocean - JustODThings

Desserts At Spice Ocean

My verdict on the food

I felt that many of the dishes were off-balance in seasoning and flavours. For instance, the Navratna Korma turned out to be a little too sweet for my palate, with not enough heat or spices to balance it out. The Pasta was slightly bland. The Dahi Kabab was overpowered by the strong flavours of spices. I have to say, each dish came in a large quantity. And they were all presented to look absolutely stunning and appetising!

Appetising Presentation Of Food At Spice Ocean - JustODThings

Appetising Presentation Of Food At Spice Ocean

However, some of the items were very interesting, one of them being the Crispy Spinach with Cream Yoghurt. This was a new, and I’d say healthier, take on the common Papri Chaat – except, the Papris, there are crispy Spinach leaves! They were nice and thick, with the gentle flavour of Spinach. I did think, though, that as a whole, the dish could do with a little more spiciness and tang. Overall, though, it was quite innovative.

Crispy Spinach With Cream Yoghurt At Spice Garden - JustODThings

Crispy Spinach With Cream Yoghurt At Spice Garden

Some of the other items I liked were the Manchow Soup which tingled the different taste zones, the Lemon and Coriander Soup which reminded me of winter, the Golden Mushrooms with a crispy coating and a soft inside, and the Veg Au Gratin, which had a touch of sweetness to go with the cheesiness.

My Favourites At Spice Ocean, The Veg Restaurant In Kolkata - JustODThings

My Favourites At Spice Ocean, The Veg Restaurant In Kolkata

Final Verdict

The vegetarian restaurant Spice Ocean offers a variety of vegetarian dishes of Continental, Chinese and North Indian styles. I believe that this place has the potential to do even better in terms of cooking. Their innovative style of presentation, warm service and stunning ambience indeed left me thoroughly impressed!

Spice Ocean Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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