Blu Orchid Restaurant Brings Feel-Good Chinese Food to My Doorsteps!

Blu Orchid Restaurant Brings Feel-Good Chinese Food to My Doorsteps!

When I was a child, I use to live in Bhawanipore. For those who do not know much about this place – it’s one of the most populated residential areas in Kolkata, with lines of shops and markets. Once a week, my father used to bring home Chinese takeaway from the local eateries. I still remember the rustic chilli chicken, the warm ginger chicken and the peppery fried rice.

Even today, my go-to cuisine remains Chinese – simple, Indianised Chinese food that tastes almost home-spun. On a summer afternoon in the last week of the month, when I am desperately craving the comforting touch of food, Chinese is my soul food. Not pizza. Not biryani. It is always Chinese.

Blu Orchid Restaurant Brings Feel-Good Chinese Food to My Doorsteps: JustODThings

Blu Orchid Restaurant Brings Feel-Good Chinese Food to My Doorsteps!

Blu Orchid Restaurant Brings Feel-Good Chinese Food to My Doorsteps!

I now live in the hot and happening Bypass area. And recently, I came across the good news that I now have a new place to deliver me Chinese delights – Blu Orchid. This is a food joint from the house of Eagle Boys Pizza, which, as of now, operates on delivery basis only, and brings feel-good food to the doorsteps of the residents of Kasba, Bypass, Patuli, Ajoynagar, Garia, Kalikapur, Gariahat, and Jadavpur.

I recently had the opportunity to try some dishes from Blu Orchid EM Bypass, and what struck me was their homeliness – something that always works for me. It reminded me of my once-a-week luxurious treats from my childhood. Their simplicity, rusticity, and even the small flaws are endearing.

The dishes I tried at Blu Orchid Kolkata included Dry Chilli Chicken, Crispy Fried Prawns and Kung Pao Fish as starters, followed by Hunan Chicken and Lemon Chicken with Mixed Mei Fun Noodles and Mixed Fried Rice for the main course.

Blu Orchid Restaurant - Starters: justODThings

Blu Orchid Restaurant – Starters

We ordered 1 plate of each dish for five very hungry adult diners; we had a filling lunch at a pocket pinch of Rs. 1640. I found the dishes light and tasty, without the overuse of oil or spices; it’s the kind of food would not be afraid to eat even in hot summers.

The Blu Orchid menu includes combo plates, as well. You can have their food delivered through Zomato or Swiggy, or simply give them a call to avail the Blu Orchid home delivery option.

Blu Orchid Restaurant - Main Course: JustODThings

Blu Orchid Restaurant – Main Course

Blu Orchid restaurant turned out to be a place for people like me who consider Chinese cuisine as my comfort food.

I’m not sure why I love Chinese food. It could be because the dishes in this cuisine are really light in general. It could be because we don’t try such flavours every day, though I can’t pretend to understand their complexities. Or, it could be because of the fuzzy memories of childhood. Blu Orchid’s food tasted like they came from a home kitchen where love matters more than anything else.

[Thank you, Blu Orchid, for the love you showed to me and the other bloggers. Special thanks to The Food Seeker – Jude Martin for making this dining experience possible]

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