Cafe HQ: The Headquarters for Comic Book Fans, and Great Food!

Cafe HQ: The Headquarters for Comic Book Fans, and Great Food!

The food scene of Kolkata has gone beyond Chinese and Mughlai food, and has been experimenting a lot. It’s a welcome change for all foodies. I, for one, enjoy this wave of freshness. And, it’s not just big brand restaurants that are trying to bring something new. There are all kinds of stand-alone cafes and eateries that are playing with themes, cuisines, etc. – from introducing coastal food to Kolkata, to turning a hub of spiritual awakening. And now, there’s a new superhero-themed cafe in Kolkata – Cafe HQ! I recently visited the place to attend an invitation by the management, and I must say that I was thoroughly awed!

Cafe HQ: The Headquarters for Comic Book Fans, and Great Food!

Cafe HQ -The Headquarters for Comic Book Fans, and Great Food 2017: by Oendrila De

Cafe HQ -The Headquarters for Comic Book Fans, and Great Food


Cafe HQ is located in the Tollygunge Phnari area, a couple minutes of walk away from the Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station (in the direction of Tollygunge PS), and is right behind Music Kafe.


As I said, Cafe HQ has a superhero theme. You’ll see that the moment you set foot in the place. Posters, hanging lampshades, mugs and bottles, menu card design – everything screams “comic book”. There are comic books on the counter, right in front of the section of the wall that has been dedicated to backlit neon posters. It’s quite spacious, allowing the diners to enjoy privacy. I love how, during the day, natural lights flood in through the windows stretching across the walls. This window also allows a lovely view of the residential road full of greens. This creates a balance with the theme of the cafe. It’s also interesting how, despite being super-hero themed, this cafe offers a look and feel that caters to adult diners, and not just children. It captures a maturity that’s almost dark, as we see it in the new DC and Marvel movies.

Food  and Drinks

I don’t often come across a restaurant with a good decor and a successfully established theme that serves incredible food. That’s where Cafe HQ stands out. Here, they have not forgotten that the primary identity of the place is an “eatery”; the theme is something to complement that. The result is an excellent range of delicious dishes and beautiful mocktails.


For starters, we had three items, and all of them succeeded to impress me thoroughly. Even the t-rex in me was not unhappy with the veg dishes:

a) Wasabi Cottage Cheese, a dish with soft, creamy pieces of paneer coated in spicy, delicious coating, with a mild pungency. I absolutely loved this starter.

b) BarBQ Batwings, another really delicious starter dish, with a sticky, slightly sweet coating. I felt that it was slightly on the saltier side. Even though I don’t particularly like my savoury dishes to be sweet, this one just had a hint of sweetness, which I liked.

Delicious Food at Cafe HQ 2017: by Oendrila De

Delicious Food at Cafe HQ


We then moved on to the mains, which were just equally moreish, and ridiculously filling! These included:

a) Justice League BBQ Chicken Pizza, loaded with chicken and layered generously with cheese. It tastes so awesome that you won’t be able to stop at just one piece!

b) Superman Burger, with a succulent but thick lamb patty and delicious caramelised onions inside. The size of the entire platter, including that of the burger, seems to justify the name!

c) Chicken Stroganoff, a dish with subtle flavours and creamy texture. It is an absolute delight. It tasted like something I would indulge in every now and then as a comfort food.


The elaborate lunch spread came to an end on a sweet note, with two desserts from the kitchen that also produces amazing Christmas cakes. These were just the perfect way to end the lunch. Our desserts included:

a) Harley Quinn’s Apple Pie with Ice Cream, which had a beautiful punch of cinnamon, mixed with the interesting texture of apple with the crust.

b) Tiramisu, the must-have dessert with layers of rich, creamy, chocolaty flavours that will take you to the heaven with every bite!


Mocktails at Cafe HQ 2017: by Oendrila De

Mocktails at Cafe HQ

Along with the dishes, we had three mocktails. These, too, were quite good, and what impressed me is their obvious efforts to make even the simple mocktails stand out in terms of powerful flavours and presentation.

a) Mind Stone Virgin Mojito, a classic favourite, of course, that was perfectly concocted;

b) Mr. Freeze’s Icy Spicy, which was a blueberry drink, though it’s available in other flavours, as well;

c) Spidey’s Sparkling Espresso, which became my personal favourite, as the coffee paired superbly with the sparkling base.

My Verdict

I was speaking to the management of Cafe HQ during my lunch; they have many plans, like adding more elements to the decor for a more intense feel, and adding more options to the menu, especially some Chinese items. The place is still in the process of reaching where it wants to. And, already, it has accomplished what many other eateries fail to, even when they are fully established. Cafe HQ shows a lot of potential, even as it offers excellent ambience for diners of all ages, with great food being their priority. It is a must-visit for all comic book-loving foodies of Kolkata!

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