Celebrating the Many Faces of Fashion with Bohurupi by Roy

Celebrating the Many Faces of Fashion with Bohurupi by Roy 

Fashion, like any art form, keeps growing. It absorbs all the changes around it, and manifests itself in new glory. That’s why it is easy for a fashion enthusiast to discover, and rediscover himself through this for of art. I’m particularly in love with the direction fashion has taken right now; we are all allowed to show our quirks. No matter who you are, a designer has the magical powers to conjure something through which you can express yourself. One such magician, who has carved a niche for himself through his work, is designer Roy Abhishek. And, he has just come up with his designer studio to showcase his work; Bohurupi by Roy is at Grahams Road, Tollygunge, is a paradise for Boho lovers.

Celebrating the Many Faces of Fashion with Bohurupi by Roy

With Designer Roy Abhishek at the Launch of Bohurupi by Roy: JustODThings

With Designer Roy Abhishek at the Launch of Bohurupi by Roy

Launch of Bohurupi by Roy

A couple of years back, Roy came up with a fun and quirky cafe in Tollygunge, The Chaiwala; and Kolkata became familiar with his unique sensibilities. Now, he is a name to reckon with in the industry. Tollywood actors and actresses swear by his designs; and, the launch of Bohurupi turned out to be a star-studded event, as stars from the big and small screens, like Priyanka Sarkar, Kaushani Mukherjee, Bonny Sengupta, Titas Bhowmick, Ravi Shaw, Anindita Bose, Manali Basu, Paroma Banerjee, Sohini Sarkar, Rahul, Sourav Das, Abhijit Bhattacharya, Anindita Roychowdhury, Payel Dey and singer Ujjaini graced the occasion with their presence. And, most of them picked up something for their wardrobe!

Star-Studded Launch of Bohurupi by Roy in Tollygunge: JustODThings

Star-Studded Launch of Bohurupi by Roy in Tollygunge

Roy’s Designs

As a person who enjoys taking my outfits to be distinctive, I fell instantly in love with Roy’s collection, both for men and women. These incorporate linen, cotton, malmal and other mixed handloom fabrics; that way, he keeps it organic, and uses them with hand textured prints and block prints. His clothes are brightly coloured, and clearly reflect his inspiration by natural elements. The collection on display at the launch of Bohurupi by Roy had some wonderfully summery numbers in soft natural fabrics. And, each piece had something worth noticing – an anti-fit cut, reverse pleats, cowl collar, asymmetrical hemline… I never realized it is possible to fall in love so easily, so fast and so many times in a single evening! To top it all, the items were surprisingly affordable!

Stunning Graham's Road Studio of Bohurupi by Roy: JustODThings

Stunning Graham’s Road Studio of Bohurupi by Roy

Bohurupi Studio

But it isn’t just Roy’s clothes that are beautiful and worth falling in love with. His studio is, as well. The boutique, located at Grahams Land, Tollygunge, can be reached by taking the second left turn from The Chaiwala. If the idea of a boutique inside a classic, quintessentially Bengali house surprises you as you stand in front of the building, wait till you step into the first floor. A cozy room has been turned into a beautiful, soothing space with soft lighting, mirrors, beautiful artefacts, books and jewellery. Roy has used eco-friendly and recycled materials for the decor. It was palpable how much thought he has put into the smallest things, like using the mason jar light shades, jute hangers, etc. What I loved the most is how he has used the wooden shutters of an old window as the cabinet door for his work-table. Stunning!

Fun, Fresh, and Affordable Collection of Bohurupi by Roy: JustODThings

Fun, Fresh, and Affordable Collection of Bohurupi by Roy

Bohurupi – A Fashion Enthusiast’s Paradise

The studio of Bohurupi is like a little fairy-land where you will love to spend some time. You can relax here, and pick your favourite piece(s) of fun, fresh Boho designs by the very talented Roy Abhishek. No matter what your size, choice, or quirks are, you will definitely find something that’s you – and only you – at Bohurupi, and walk out feeling happy.

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