Cheering to High Spirits at The Irish House in Kolkata

Anyone who has a soft spot for beer has Ireland on his/her bucket list. Lager, stout, Irish red ale – you have to try these amidst the clinking glasses in a Dublin bar. But for people like me who have no time or money to fly to Ireland, there’s one place that will keep us satiated for the time being, not just with beer, but with incredible food and mind-blowing drinks of all kinds. The Irish House in Kolkata is one of the best places to enjoy good food and better drinks. For me, it has been a place to celebrate camaraderie and high spirits – no pun intended.

Cheering to High Spirits at The Irish House in Kolkata

Cheering to High Spirits at The Irish House in Kolkata: JustODThings

Cheering to High Spirits at The Irish House in Kolkata


The Irish House in Kolkata is located inside the city’s most happening shopping and hangout plaza, Quest Mall, in Ballygunge. You can either choose to sit outside, watching the flurry of activities in the mall as you drink and dine against wall decorated with antique clocks and pictures with wooden frames. Or, enjoy your meal inside amid the rustic décor with the quirkiest writings on the wooden showpieces and posters on the walls, and incredible music.

Decor and Ambience at The Irish House in Kolkata: JustODThings

Decor and Ambience at The Irish House in Kolkata


Memories of my first visit to The Irish House are quite fuzzy. And, that’s all thanks to the incredible drinks of this place. They are so strong, they will send you flying like a kite, while people like me will hug the toilet. But, there’s no way you can let those drinks down. Besides the wide range of beers, you can get some delicious cocktails. My second lunch – yes, lunch – started with some amazing cocktails, followed by unforgettable pub grubs, and more drinks, and then finally a mind-blowing dessert. And more drinks.


Cocktails at The Irish House in Kolkata: JustODThings

Cocktails at The Irish House in Kolkata

Kaffir Lime Mojito

The classic blend of Bacardi, fresh lime and mint leaves gets the twist of kaffir lime and lemon grass.  The end result is this heavenly drink packed with a lime-and-lemony aroma. Simple, yet so effective!


A mix of vodka, fresh mint, lime and soda, with the taste and flavour of watermelon juice, this drink is yet another delightful cocktail. Experience the watermelon in every sip, while enjoying the edge of the fizz.

The Moulin Rouge

Vodka, grenadine syrup, mint and fresh pomegranate juice, in a martini glass – this drink tastes just as good as it looks. The pomegranate seeds on the edge of the glass will slip into the glass when you tilt it for a sip!

Green Goblet

This is a community drink, made with vodka, Bacardi, pineapple juice and green melon liquor. It’s so invitingly green! All you and your friends need to do is slip the straws and have drinking competition!


Starters at The Irish House in Kolkata: JustODThings

Starters at The Irish House in Kolkata

Drunken Mushroom Bites

Tequila-infused mushrooms roasted to perfection, topped with stewed spinach, parmesan and goat cheese, and served with crackers, this dish is something that even the carnivore like me recommends!

The Irish Lions Chicken Tenders

I fail to figure out why this dish can have such a tough-boy name. It includes crispy golden soft and juicy chicken supremes fried to get a crispy golden crust. It’s served with delicious signature house dips.

Headless Chicken Platters

A great item to order if you’re at The Irish House in Kolkata with friends, this one offers an assortment including original Belfast wings, chicken tenders, glazed Belfast wings and bite-size chicken popcorns.


Mains at The Irish House in Kolkata: JustODThings

Mains at The Irish House in Kolkata

Make Your Own Pasta

MYO dishes is where you can unleash the Masterchef in you. The one I tried was made of penne in mixed sauce and assorted vegetables. This mixed sauce was definitely better than those available elsewhere!

Grilled Cottage Cheese Steaks

This is a dish of rich, velvety slices of cottage cheese in a creamy mustard sauce, served with house salad, garlic crostini and herb-sautéed veggies. I loved how the mustard cuts the creaminess. A must-try!

Grilled Fish Steaks

The grilled Harissa fish is another of their special Dublin high steaks. The melt-in-your-mouth, spicy fish goes perfectly with the flavoursome Portofino sauce, creamy mashed potato and sautéed string beans.

Beer-Can Roasted Chicken

This roast chicken, flavoured with Irish Stout, is a specialty of The Irish House in Kolkata. It goes well with the theme of the place, and is absolutely delicious. It comes with rosemary potatoes and sautéed veggies.


The Dual Chocolate Torte

This sinful chocolate mousse cake causes a double explosion of chocolaty yumminess, with layers of both dark and white chocolate. It’s smooth, it’s cheesy and it is an absolute must-have at the end of a meal!

Dessert at The Irish House in Kolkata: JustODThings

Dessert at The Irish House in Kolkata


A drink in hand brings out the best in people. My Irish House experiences have told me so. The first time, when I had failed to estimate how strong the drinks were, and was feeling unwell, I received the kindness of two friendly women I won’t be able to recognise if I see them again. That’s what we women have to do – stick around, and help a sister up on her feet and walk out of a bar with grace. The second time, during a lunch friends and acquaintances, I made new peeps and went strong with old ones. Perhaps, it’s the combination of a happy tongue, filled belly and light heads. Perhaps, it’s the happy-go-lucky Kolkatans inside an Irish-themed restaurant. Either way, The Irish House in Kolkata is a place I’ll return to – for food, drinks and spirited people who show their best amidst the magical ambience.

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