Coming Back to Life: A Place for a Meal Alone with Yourself, for a Spiritual Revival

Coming Back to Life: A Place for a Meal Alone with Yourself, for a Spiritual Revival

As a woman in my late twenties, I feel like I’m living the toughest phase of my life. This is the time when I am supposed to start taking responsibilities – not just of my family, but of myself. I am supposed to have chosen a path along which I will roll for the rest of my life, professionally or otherwise; I’m expected of me to have set myself into motion. Dealing with such responsibilities and expectations makes me anxious, which is normal. It is even normal to fail. And yet, when I stumble, I feel disappointed.

I sometimes feel a desperate desire to break away from the rut of expectations, anxiety, and everything adult. I tell myself I am a strong, independent woman, and it is unlike me to whine and quit. But, in the middle of the constant battles, with the world and with myself, I often look for a place to sit in peace, and spend some time with just myself, just to rejuvenate myself. And COMING BACK TO LIFE is Southern Avenue is one such place, for sure.

Coming Back to Life: A Place for a Meal Alone with Yourself, for a Spiritual Revival

Coming Back To Life - A Place for a Meal Alone with Yourself, for a Spiritual Revival 2017: by Oendrila De

Coming Back To Life – A Place for a Meal Alone with Yourself, for a Spiritual Revival


Coming Back to Life is located in the Southern Avenue area, on the Lt. Tapan Chowdhury Avenue (first left turn ahead of The Steak Factory, Lake Place Road). You will also find Mystic Yoga, Malancha Nature Park and Rajendranath Vidyabhawan along Lt. Tapan Chowdhury Avenue. If you’re travelling from Menoka Cinema, move straight ahead, and leaving the first left turn, take the second turn on the left.

Ambience and Decor:

The moment you step into Coming Back To Life, you notice that this is no ordinary restaurant with a theme. CBTL claims to be a hub of spiritual knowledge, and the ambience lives up to the expectations. Spread over two floors, the restaurant offers a mystic ambience. Dream catchers here and there, flowers on the ceiling, mysterious diagrams on the walls, indoor grass on the floor – the decor will catch your attention. But, it’s more than just the decor, though it definitely plays a major part. Mood lighting, an enormous underground area with seating arrangement on the grassy floor on which you have to walk barefoot, soft soul music – CBTL offers a positive vibe.

Ambience at Coming Back To Life: JustODThings

Ambience at Coming Back To Life

It’s a kid-friendly space where there’s a section dedicated to them with toys and other arrangements, but the children mostly prefer to roam around, like they would in an outdoor area. Each table is spaced away from the other to give the diner(s) privacy and quietude, even if there are other groups of diners. For most people my age, sitting and relaxing means loud music and alcohol. I wonder if we do that to silence the voices in our heads. CBTL a complete opposite. It is a place for real conversations and getting to know yourself.

All Things Mystical at Coming Back To Life: JustODThings

All Things Mystical at Coming Back To Life


I have always found food to be a tool to satisfy and calm myself in times of distress. A cup of tea helps me get to sleep. I crave hot soups when I have a fever. A good lunch helps me regain my energy to work. I suppose everyone can relate to that. Here, at Coming Back To Life, you will be spoilt for choice. It has an elaborate menu, with items from different cuisines. I have tried Roasted Lemon Chicken Salad, Harissa Chicken Skewers, Pesto Chicken Bruschetta, Chilly Chicken Sandwich, and Chinese Chilli Pepper Chicken Gravy, along with mocktails like Green Apple Mojito, Watermelon and Brazil Twist Mojito, Lemon Iced Tea, and Elderflower Iced Tea. My personal favourites are the Pesto Chicken Bruschetta, and the Chilli Pepper Chicken Gravy, accompanied by Lemon Iced Tea.

Food at Coming Back To Life 2017: by Oendrila De

Food at Coming Back To Life

Overall Experience

Coming Back To Life is not where you go for a quick meal. It is a place to sit calmly and relax; and it feels that this leisurely vibe is in the air. Perhaps, just to keep up with the mood, the service is a little relaxed, as well. I would prefer it to be slightly faster. I also feel like they need to pay a little more attention to the flavours and quality of the food. They can probably improve the food and service a little to make things perfect. I must mention that Coming Back To Life is a hub of occult and spiritual study; you can consult a parapsychologist here to begin the process of spiritual healing.

Final Verdict

Altogether, Coming Back To Life is a one of a kind cafe in Kolkata.Here, you can’t drown your problems in music and hookah, only have them resurfacing again. At this cafe, you can spend hours, as you reawaken your soul, and revive your spirit. Here, you can enjoy a real conversation with someone  – or with yourself. Visit Coming Back To Life, to discover yourself, and what really matters to you, beyond all delusions.

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