Durga Puja Buffet launch at Alfresco – The Lalit Great Eastern

The white clouds of Shorot, floating across the beautifully dazzling, fluorescent blue sky – isn’t this one of the first pictures your mind when you hear the word “Pujo”? Beautiful sky and great food are two of my favourite features of Durga Puja. So, imagine my joy when I got that chance to attend the Durga Puja Buffet launch at Alfresco – The Lalit Great Eastern, and enjoy the perfect combination of the two!

Food Beneath The Blue And White of Shorot: Durga Puja Buffet launch at Alfresco – The Lalit Great Eastern

Amazing Ambience of Alfresco The Lalit Great Eastern

Amazing Ambience

Durga Puja Buffet launch at Alfresco Lalit Great Eastern


Breads And Buns at Alfresco Lalit Great Eastern

Breads And Buns

For those of you who haven’t been to Alfresco yet, let me explain the first reason behind my excitement. The Lalit Great Eastern’s dining area in the ground floor is nothing short of a dream, washed in white from all to wall, and flooded by sunlight flowing in through the glass ceiling. Plus, there are the huge glass windows overlooking the beautiful lily-pond. Well – they had me at glass ceiling: what can be better than being able to look up at the Shorot sky during this season? And, that too while enjoying excellent food!

Lilly Pond At the Alfresco Kolkata

Lilly Pond

Salad At Alfresco The Lalit Great Eastern


Daal At Alfresco Lalit Great Eastern


Yes, that brings me to my second reason; Alfresco – The Lalit Great Eastern has launched their Pujo Special Buffet menu, and it is filled with many delights! What I found particularly amazing about the menu is the variety, and how beautifully it has been strung together. The highlights of the menu, of course, are the authentic Bengali dishes. Murshidabadi Chicken Biriyani, Sapla Chingrir Ghonto, Pulao Raj Nandini – SLURPPP!

Amada Alur Chop at Alfresco Great Eastern Kolkata

Amada Alur Chop

Achaar Chutney at Alfresco The Great Eastern Kolkata

Achaar Chutney

Murshidabadi Morog Biriyani At Alfresco Kolkata

Murshidabadi Morog Biriyani

Among the Bengali recipes I tried at the Durga Puja Buffet launch at Alfresco that day, the Kakada Jhaal turned out to be my most favourite. I’m a huge seafood fan, and the crab legs seemed to have been custom-made for my taste-buds. Each bite into the crab legs led to a burst of spices, chilli and yummy juices of crab in the mouth! All things delicious and Bangali, in every bite – it’s a must try!

Kakda Jhaal At Alfresco lalit Great Eastern

Kakda Jhaal

Grilled Basa In Thyme Sauce At Alfresco Kolkata

Grilled Basa In Thyme Sauce

Parser Aam Kasundi At Alfresco Kolkata

Parser Aam Kasundi

To make the menu more interesting, a few oriental and Italian items have also been added. To be honest, the Bengali taste has evolved over the years, and Chilli Chicken, Pasta. Ice-cream, etc. are now the honorary members of the Bengali food family. Lalit’s buffet includes items like Manchow Soup, Lasagne, and Kolkata’s very own Tangra Chilli Chicken. They have even added some fun twists through fusion dishes, like the Narkel narur millefeuille, where they have put together French and Bengali styles of desserts!

Bilaiti Begun Er Rui Tok at Alfresco Kolkata

Bilaiti Begun Er Rui Tok

Tangra Style Chilli Chicken At the Alfresco Kolkata

Tangra Style Chilli Chicken

Kakda Jhaal At Alfresco lalit Great Eastern

Kakda Jhaal

Goalondo Steamer Mangsho Jhol At Alfresco Kolkata

Goalondo Steamer Mangsho Jhol

Of the international dishes I tried that afternoon, the taste of the Grilled Basa with Thyme Sauce is still in my mouth – and, that could well be because I still haven’t digested the one-and-a-half kilo of Basa I gobbled up that day. I was not the only one: people had lined up for the fish, and we ate it like people drink water in between dishes to cleanse the palate.

Desserts at Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata

Amazing Foods of Alfresco

Chaat Counter At Alfresco Great Eastern Kolkata

Chaat Counter

The options to choose from on Alfresco’s menu are many. Here’s a quick look at all that you can choose to devour.

Durga Puja Buffet launch at Alfresco – The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata

Puja menu- 1

Welcome drink:

  • Gondhoraj ghol
  • Pora aamer shorbat


  • Kachumber salad
  • Mong dal aar kolar salad
  • Doi maakhi sosha aar narkoler salad
  • Chat pata foler salad
  • Baigun bhaja aar shimla lanka salad
  • Boondi raita
  • Gondhoraj lebur
  • Green chilli
  • Variety of chutney


Vegetable Manchow

Thyme scented oven roasted chicken and leek veloute


  • Mochar chop
  • Aamada aloor chop
  • Murgir piayazi
  • Bhekti Patisapta


  • Chorchori
  • Palang saag er borar ghonto
  • Begun lahsooni Sorse jhal
  • Til oaler bharta
  • Motor dal diye lau saag
  • American corn, mushroom mozzarella lasagna
  • Tangra Chilli chicken
  • Sapla chingrir ghonto
  • Parser aam kasundi
  • Bhekti dhokar Dalna
  • Goalondo steamer mangsho jhol
  • Murshidabadi Morog biryani


  • Saada bhaat
  • Kabuli chola khichurir
  • Mocha diye  matar dal
  • Radhaballavi/Cholar dal.
  • Papad bhaja


  • Kesari rajbhog
  • Mishti doi
  • Baked boondi with rabdi
  • Chitrakut
  • Chhanar jilebi (hot)
  • Kalojam
  • Kalakand
  • Nolengurer baked yoghurt
  • Narkel narur millefeuille
  • Choice of ice cream


Puja menu- 2

Welcome Drinks

  • Tetul er sharbat
  • Gandho lebur jal jeera


  • Kachumber salad
  • Bhaja borboti aar gajorer salad
  • Kola berano dal aar pora tometor
  • Chat pata ranga aloo aur piyaz bhaja salad
  • Sabrokam subji diye salad
  • Boondi raita
  • Gondhoraj lemon
  • Green chilli
  • Amrar chutney.
  • Plastic chutney


Chicken dumpling hot and sour soup

Roasted Corn chowder


  • Narkeler mochar chop
  • Dhone patar bora
  • Mangsher fuluri
  • Kadak murgir bhaja


  • Mukto mukhi shukto
  • Aloo potol posto rezela
  • Phool kophir paturi
  • Chenar Dhokar dalna
  • Chapar diye paanch misali tarkari
  • Grilled vegetable, sundried tomato and peso cream lasagna
  • Schezwan chicken.
  • Bilaiti beguner rui tok
  • Kakada jhal
  • Echor chingrir choler dal diye.
  • Tok murgi
  • Rajsahi gosht pulao


  • Saada bhaat
  • Pulao raj nandini
  • Dal raibahadur
  • Luchi/Cholar dal
  • Papad bhaja


  • Abar khabo
  • Mohonbhog
  • Chandrakala
  • Butter stuffed Lancha(hot)
  • Baked Rasogulla
  • Kesari malai cham cham
  • Kheer kadam
  • kesari bhog center Dark chocolate mousse
  • Paan and Gulkand bavarois
  • Choice of Ice cream
Phulkopir Paturi At the Alfresco Kolkata

Phulkopir Paturi

Dessert Counter at Alfresco Lalit Great Eastern

Dessert Counter

The Durga Puja Buffet launch at Alfresco has left me craving for more. And, I’m imagining the taste of the Bhetki Patishapta, Goalondo steamer mangsho jhol, Nolengurer baked yoghurt… I guess I’ll have to wait for a couple of more days – the Puja specials will be available from 7th October till the 10th.

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