An evening with my foodie friends at Eagle Boys Pizza

They say, pizzas speak louder than words. And, if that pizza is all the way from Australia, then the things it says to your tummy and your heart are indelible. When I received a surprise invite from Kolkata’s finest group of food bloggers, Panch Phoron, I didn’t realize what to expect – from them, or from the newest kid (read pizza parlour) in the block, i.e. Eagle Boys Pizza, despite having ordered in a thin crust Zesty Chicken pizza from this outlet once before. and been sort of impressed by what they delivered. Even as I stepped into the cute pizzeria, full of excitement, I had no idea that I would make friends with people who are as unique as the pizzas we bonded over.

About Eagle Boys Pizza, Kolkata:

Eagle Boys Pizza

Eagle Boys Pizza in Kolkata

The pizza scene in India has long been dominated by Dominos and Pizza Hut, and other brands and local restaurants have found it hard to step into it. But, the almost one-year-old Eagle Boys Pizza has already become quite a rage! Located at EM Bypass in the Tagore Park area, opposite Narkarhat Bus Stop, this Australian pizza maker, which was originally established in 1987, has its first branch in the city. (Quite obviously, the food-loving Kolkatans and the Aussie pizza parlour couldn’t stay apart!)

Prawn Pizza Review By Oendrila

Prawn Pizza


I almost had to hike across the dug up roads to reach the parlour, but once inside, the décor and the ambience lifted my mood. The bright pink outlines are a sharp contrast to the light walls, in a beautiful way, as the colour doesn’t overpower the view. The tables are spaced in a way to let diners at different tables enjoy their own conversations, without the fear of being overheard by those at the next table. Now, I have a weakness for glass walls at restaurants, and this pizzeria has one; much to my delight, the scenes outside are that of a little playground, and the cars running up and down EM Bypass. For me, that’s quite a mood-setter. Little girls on the swing in front of me, cars swooshing by in the background, and the Man Utd. vs Man City match on the TV inside the restaurant kept me busy while I waited.

Prawn Pizza Review By Oendrila

Prawn Pizza At Eagle Boys Pizza


Once my foodie friends arrived, delicious-looking food items started covering our table top. Pizzas of different recipes were the highlight of the evening, and we were also served other dishes: bread rolls, pastas and garlic bread. And, we dug in.


As starters, we began our evening spread with Eagle Boys’ Supreme Garlic Bread (veg) and Peri Peri Chicken Scroll (non-veg). Both the items and light, fluffy and delicious, and quite different from what we are used to eating.

The Supreme Garlic Bread is the OZ brand’s version of the item that’s available everywhere else, with a beautiful layer of cheese, and topped with just the right amount of zing from chilli flakes, along with the right mix of other spices.

The Peri Peri Chicken Scroll, as the name suggests, is basically bread stuffed with spicy chicken. The chicken filling is hot and flavourful, and is a mix of happy sensations on the tongue, with paprika being in the lead role.

Garlic Bread Review By Oendrila

Garlic Bread


We were served two different Chicken Penne Pasta dishes, one in white sauce and the other in red sauce, and I felt that these recipes were not exactly their strong suit.

Their Pasta in Red Sauce was probably an attempt to make a variation of the Arrabiata sauce, but the end result had a vinegary tang and pungency, which was a little too overpowering for my taste. I felt that the flavours and tastes of the parsley, tomatoes, etc. were totally lost.

Red Pasta Review By Oendrila

Red Pasta

The White Sauce was under-seasoned, and as a result, the other flavours did not get the right boost. Now, I could have overlooked the seasoning if the sauce had been a cheesy, creamy goo of all things nice, but it didn’t do much for my creamy cravings, either.

White Pasta Review By Oendrila

White Pasta


We had been promised some innovations in the form of pizzas: Eagle Boys Pizza boast of developing some of the most never-tasted-before recipes. Sure enough, we did get to taste some of their specialties.

The first one I tried was the Peri Peri Paneer Pizza; I was not too sure of this one – a) I have the food habits of a baby T-rex, and b) it is a thick crust pizza. But, once I sank my teeth into a slice of it, the runny cheese flowed into my mouth, and the Peri Peri paneer topping struck just the right balance. Even the crust was nice and soft, which was also true in case of the other pizzas and bread items.

Peri Peri Chicken Pizza Review By Oendrila

Peri Peri Chicken Pizza

My inner T-rex was excited about the Chicken Keema Pizza, obviously; it was tasty, but a little bland. (Little Rexy inside me was a little sad, because she always bats for team meat.) The minced meat, jalapenos and veggies, embedded in the cheese, felt like a safe, secure marriage of 25 years, but somehow missed the spark of newness.

Italians are believed to consider the combination of seafood and cheese a sin. But, in the land down under, things are allowed to be different; and thanks to the upside down rules, we now have the Garlic Prawn Pizza! Eagle Boys claims that they are the first pizzeria in Kolkata to develop a prawn pizza recipe. True enough, this was the first time I tasted this combo, and I’m glad I did.

Aussies Favourite Veg Pizza Review By Oendrila

Aussies Favourite Veg Pizza

Once again, I was pleasantly surprised by a vegetarian pizza, the Aussie’s Favourite Veg Pizza. Studded with pineapples, corn and capsicum, this was the most unique pizzas I have tastes. The sweetness of the pineapples and corn is a burst of joy in the mouth; but the highlight of this dish is that it is layered with mayo! I’m definitely trying this again.

At the end of it all, Eagle Boys Pizza brought to the table their most precious innovation, i.e. the Triple Chocolate Sweetzza – Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a dessert pizza. Topped with chocolate, with white choco-chips and streaks of chocolate sauce, this is indeed something you would want to devour, if you love chocolates and pizzas. As a chocolate-lover, I was definitely attracted to it, but, I’m not entirely sure of the taste of the crust goes well with the topping. Perhaps, a thinner crust might be better.

Dessert Pizza Review By Oendrila

Dessert Pizza

A Lot Can Happen Over Pizza: An evening with my foodie friends at Eagle Boys Pizza

My Verdict:

I would love to go back to this place and try their other pizzas. I’m not certain I’ll be trying the desserts or the pastas, until and unless I feel particularly adventurous. But, I’m in for some more Aussie delights. The price is slightly less than the popular brands of pizza in the city, though there isn’t a huge difference. The USP of the place is the range of new tastes and flavours. Besides, it’s a good place to sit with friends and enjoy good food. I look forward to my next visit.

Peri Peri Chicken Scroll Review by Oendrila

Peri Peri Chicken Scroll

Everyone tries something new to create a first impression. Some throw around their wisdom, some bombard others with jokes, some just smile. Some try too hard, and some stay careful about their careless charm. Everyone has his/her signature move when it comes to meeting new people. Mine is to smile awkwardly, and feel like the weird kid at the cool table, always. But, things changed as I made friends with some singular, and yet, like-minded individuals of Panch Phoron, who have their hearts set on eating good food. Thanks to their warm welcome, and the mouth-watering food of Eagle Boys Pizza, I left with a fuzzy feeling in my heart, as well as my tummy, and I hope to return soon.

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