From Koi to Quail – All At The Grand Food Fair Of AHARE Bangla 2016!

Bengalis are known for their love for all things readable and all things edible. To encourage their love for reading, the Kolkata Book Fair has been running annually since 1976. Now, to encourage the Bangali habit of eating, the Govt. of West Bengal has come up with the fun food fair, AHARE Bangla. And the second edition of this fair is here! There’s a grand feast at AHARE Bangla 2016!

From Koi To Quail At AHARE Bangla 2016 – JustODThings

From Koi To Quail At The Food Fair Of AHARE Bangla 2016

From renowned restaurateurs to new caterers, AHARE Bangla 2016 is a place for everyone in the food business to showcase their passion for food. And it’s innovatively conceptualised to attract foodies with different palates, with tastes and flavours from different parts of the world, besides those of Bengal. Four permanent hangers of Milan Mela, all filled with food –  what can be more exciting?

From Koi to Quail – All At The Grand Food Fair Of AHARE Bangla 2016!

AHARE Bangla 2016 - JustODThings

Bengali and Indian Favourites at Continental Catering Services in AHARE Bangla 2016

Inaugurated on 21st October at Milan Mela ground (opp. Science City) by state panchayat minister Subrata Mukherjee, this fair is not just a hub for tastes and cuisines from all parts of the world, but also a platform for the farmers of the state to bring their agricultural products. And it has become an instant hit with the food-lovers! For every day of the fair, there’s a theme.

Dates and Themes:

22 October – Bengali veg recipes on the second day

23 October – Colonial effect on Bengali cuisine

24 October – Eggs

25 October – Fish

My Experience:

I had my first AHARE Bangla experience for the first time this year, with my food-blogger friends of Panch Phoron. There are stalls of The Wall, Tangerine, 6 Ballygunge Place, etc. in the fair food court, but I chose to go with Continental Catering Services, serving Bengali, Indian and Continental favourites. I was amazed to see Koi, as well as Quail, served at their two stalls in hangers 1 and 4. And I say ‘Koi and Quail’ literally – it’s not just for decoration of the sentence!

From Koi To Quail AHARE Bangla 2016 – JustODThings

From Koi To Quail LITERALLY At AHARE Bangla 2016

A peek into the kitchen area gave me an idea of all the effort and manpower that goes into making this fair a success. There’s also an exhibition hanger called Ahare Biki Kini, with 28 stalls selling raw food and food ingredients, as well as ready-to-eat food by various government or government-promoted organisations. There will even be awards for the best recipe and the most popular recipe.

Inside The Kitchen Of AHARE Bangla 2016 – JustODThings

Exclusive Look Inside The Kitchen At Food Fair Of AHARE Bangla 2016

It’s indeed an innovative concept, and the perfect meeting place for foodies, restauranteurs, caterers. To be precise, it’s a food-lovers’ paradise! AHARE Bangla 2016 is already a hit on the very second day of the food festival, and with the kind of themes it promises between 21 October at 12:00 to 25 October at 21:00, the food fun seems to have just begun!

AHARE Bangla 2016 – JustODThings

Continental Favourites at Continental Catering Services in AHARE Bangla 2016

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