Interior Designer Shabnam Alam, A Woman of Substance

Interior Designer Shabnam Alam, A Woman of Substance

Most women in India who have established themselves in their fields seem to tell a similar story: they go through many ups and downs, till they reach where they are. That’s the reason I find each story of a successful woman inspiring. They tell me that this woman has beaten all odds and become successful. The story of Kolkata-based interior designer Shabnam Alam is something similar. She is successful, humble, family-oriented, and has a very simple story – the story of every other woman in India today.

Interior Designer Shabnam Alam, A Woman of Substance

Interior Designer Shabnam Alam, A Woman of Substance

Interior Designer Shabnam Alam, A Woman of Substance

Who is Shabnam Alam?

Shabnam Alam is the owner and head designer of Design Studio, an interior designing firm in Kolkata. She and her team have worked with households, offices, and other spaces, giving a new look and feel to them through the magic creativity, coupled with the science of decorating. She and her team have worked in different cities of India, and her clients include names like The Bengal Rowing Club, Merchant Chamber of Commerce, Shrachi Group, Western Carriers, Walsons Securitas, Altius Kolkata, Pritam Electricals, Sagar Khurana, Port Blair, CTI Logistic, etc., besides catering to the home and office needs of other satisfied clients.

What’s the Story of Shabnam Alam?

As I said before, Shabnam’s story is that of a simple middle-class girl of India. She is originally from Delhi, where she was a bright medical student. At a certain point during her medical studies, she decided that she wanted to do something else, and took up a course in Interior Designing. Soon after this, she got married, and Shabnam came to Kolkata, where she lived as a family-oriented housewife.

Six years and several ups and downs later, Shabnam decided to have a career. She became more serious than ever before about pursuing her passion, i.e. interior designing. Thus began her journey. She took up jobs and internships, and kept learning. She schooled herself about all things new in the world of interior designing. Finally, with the support of her husband and the help of her mentors, she finally started Design Studio.

What were the biggest challenges she faced?

Besides having to challenge the traditional thoughts of the society, Shabnam found that the biggest challenge was in the beginning, when she had to find her way in the world of interior designing, learning all the details of the industry and establishing a network. It was also a challenge to overcome the gap of six years and work towards building a career. From technological advancements to changes in designing trends, she had to learn everything all anew, and she worked really hard. Even today, she is humble enough to accept where she lags. Currently, besides working on the curating the best looks based on the possible interior designing trends in 2018, she is keen to learn about social media platforms and read the latest works of literature.

A married woman in business – Advantage or disadvantage?

Aside from the common hindrances that a woman in any professional faces, Shabnam found it advantageous to establish herself, not despite the fact that she is a woman, but because of it. As a simple, family-oriented woman, she is easier to trust for most families she works with, and the women in those houses find it easier to communicate with her. Another pro of being a woman in a profession where she has to work with labourers in blue collar jobs, as well as clients of different backgrounds, is that there’s always a mutual respect, with much less crudeness when it comes to handling issues of hardware, finance, etc.

All in all, Shabnam Alam, in her own simple way of life, is an inspiration for women. Her story tells them that it’s never too late to start walking down a new path. And, it is absolutely possible to have a career alongside family, with a healthy work-life balance.

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