Level Seven Topsia – The New Rooftop Restaurant in Kolkata

Level Seven Topsia – The New Rooftop Restaurant in Kolkata

There’s one thing that I really love about the Eastern Bypass area of Kolkata – the buildings. They stand in contrary to the classic buildings of old Kolkata. The buildings here are contemporary here. There’s something purely satisfying in this modern geometric style of architecture of urban Kolkata. And the flyovers snaking across the city, with cars running up and down them, remind me of how lively my city is. These days, I don’t get the opportunity to watch the far-off buildings and the cars running along Bypass. So, I was really happy when I was invited to explore the new rooftop restaurant in Kolkata – Level Seven in Topsia!

 Level Seven Topsia – The New Rooftop Restaurant in Kolkata

Level Seven Topsia - The New Rooftop Restaurant in Kolkata 2018

Level Seven Topsia – The New Rooftop Restaurant in Kolkata


Level Seven is an all new rooftop restaurant in Kolkata that allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the new skyline and mesmerising top-view of the Tilottama Kolkata. Whether you’re there for a lunch, an evening drink or a dinner, you’ll get to enjoy a different look and colour of this beautiful city. And, thanks to its location and height, the place is perfect for the breeze to caress you into happiness.

Food and Drinks

During the bloggers’ meet at Level Seven, we tried some of their finger food and mains, along with some drinks. Some of their signature dishes that we tried were Tuscana Pizza, Tandoori Tikka Trilogy, Chicken Shiracha, Cheesy Mushroom Kulcha, Khichdi Aranchini, Seasonal Sea Bass, and Goat Cheese Walnut Tikki. Among the non-veg items, I really liked the spicy, juicy Tandoori Tikka Trilogy, and the gently flavoured Sea Bass served with lemony rice. Among the veggie delights, the soft and creamy Mushrooms and well as the nutty and flavourful Goat Cheese Walnut Tikki were delicious.

I thought the pizza could do with a little more topping, while the Chicken Siracha and the Khichdi Aranchini were in dire need of some special zing or X-factor. Another area where the restaurant needs to improve is their cocktails; the menu needs to have more options, besides the few common names which neither quite tasted like they are supposed to, nor did they have a good alcoholic punch. Nevertheless, the overall dining experience was quite pleasant.

Final Verdict

What I liked about Level Seven Topsia is that this new rooftop restaurant in Kolkata has made an effort with that they put on the plate; it has the potential to serve really good food. Most of the restaurants that have a rooftop or outdoor seating cash in on their lucky location and view, and make no effort with the food or drinks. They think that the roof is somehow supposed to make up for everything else. Level Seven still has quite a long way to go before it can be counted among the top restaurants in Kolkata on the basis of the food served; but, it is on its way. I can probably rate it a 4 out of 5; and that’s not solely for the ambience and view, but for the overall dining experience here, with good food and a breathtaking view of Kolkata.

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  1. Prasanta Bhakat says:

    Never go to Level 7 Topsia because they are all chitters. They forgery there bills if u r order some quantity of drinks they charged more than one quantity. Today my experience is very horrible I am visit this place with my colleague and we are order some drink and they charged more than that and than I asked them why is this they told us this is your order and u r bound to paid that.But we are never order.

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