My Squad of 6 Bloggers is Back – with 6 Different Ways to Style Ankle Boots!

My 6 Bloggers Squad is Back – with 6 Different Ways to Style Ankle Boots!

One of my favourite things is having a squad of supportive girls. Let me debunk a myth – girls love each other. They support each other and pull each other up. Blogging has associated me with five such wonderful women from the other side of the globe. We came together for the first time in August, and presented our own floral sundress looks. This month, we are back – with some fun ways to style ankle boots!

My Squad of 6 Bloggers is Back – with 6 Different Ways to Style Ankle Boots!

My Squad of 6 Bloggers is Back - with 6 Different Ways to Style Ankle Boots: by Oendrila De

My Squad of 6 Bloggers is Back – with 6 Different Ways to Style Ankle Boots!

There’s something about ankle boots that I have always loved. They can pull an outfit together in a streetwise kinda way. And, since I don’t believe in too many rules in fashion, I think there’s a pair of booties that can be paired with almost every outfit. I have experimented with booties a number of times, but more on that later. Instead, let’s take a look at my stylish blogger squad’s bootie looks!

My Look

In this look, I’ve paired my pair of faux-leather ankle boots with a calf-length anti-fit shift dress, along with a scarf. I love to experiment with my outfits and accessories to create my everyday street styles, without looking like I tried too hard to make a boho statement. The high shaft and wide ankle opening match complement the length and shape of my dress. The brightly-coloured scarf adds a graceful touch to the look, while the boots add a sassy, urban twist to it.

My Style of Ankle Boots: by Oendrila De

My Style of Ankle Boots

Now, here’s a look at the bootie looks created by my friends from the US, where they have either just welcomed fall, or are waiting with opened doors for the autumn to shake the brown leaves off of trees. They have their scarves and cardigans ready, and the ankle boots just work wonderfully for them. Because, that’s just how versatile booties are!


This pair of booties is cute, comfortable, and unique – literally; it’s from Bed Stü which boasts of using tanned leather to make the products by hand, and ensure each item is distinct. I adore how she has teamed her boots with a cute dress To go with the fall theme, she has added the scarf. The denim jacket and the red bag just pull the look together.

Chelsea's Style of Ankle Boots: JustODThings

Chelsea’s Style of Ankle Boots


I CANNOT take my eyes off those red ankle boots! Gabby has skipped the sweaters and high boots as it’s still warm in Georgia where she lives. So, her outfit does not scream a full fall; it’s a casual-cool look I can try in my hot Kolkata. The pop of colour from the boots and the bling of the neckpiece have totally jazzed up the relaxed black-olive clothes.

Gabby's Style of Ankle Boots: JustODThings

Gabby’s Style of Ankle Boots


Jody’s low shaft black booties with a somewhat wide ankle opening go perfectly with her jeans, tie-front white blouse and grey cardigan. Such a chic way to go casual during the autumn-winter period in my city, where the winters are mostly just cool, and nothing more! It’s a perfect everyday look, and now I’m so inspired to up my go-to outfit game!

Jody's Style of Ankle Boots: by Oendrila De

Jody’s Style of Ankle Boots


Texas’ weather doesn’t allow Lauren to dress for fall with warm clothes. She has chosen the skinny jeans and the cute top to beat the heat; and in the spirit of autumn, she has thrown in a pair of booties in brown, a shade that screams autumn. I just love how sporty the boots look, even with the heels, and how they have made a simple outfit so fun!

Lauren's Style of Ankle Boots: by Oendrila De

Lauren’s Style of Ankle Boots


Rosy, who’s also from Texas, has made the best use of the quiet presence of fall, and paired her ankle booties with a cute dress that looks perfect for the heat. She kept her look fall-appropriate with the shade she has picked for her boots – a dark mustard. The high shaft of the boots goes really well with the high hemline of her cute summery dress!

Rosy's Style of Ankle Boots 2017: by Oendrila De

Rosy’s Style of Ankle Boots

So, now you have six different ways to style those ankle booties that you bought on an impulse. 

You can see how ankle boots are absolutely versatile, and work with different kinds of ensembles, styles, and climates, even. Stay tuned for my personal ways of styling a single pair of boots. Meanwhile, I hope you can pick a look that works best for you, based on your own comfort level and sense of style, because that’s what I love about my blogger squad: they add to my lookbook outfits and ideas that I myself would never think of or pull off.

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