My Durga Pujo Ensembles: A quick look at what I did to myself this year

No matter where a girl from Bengal falls on the spectrum between ‘theist’ and ‘atheist’, Durga Pujo is always her time to turn into a diva, if she identifies as a fashionista. There’s no surprise in me doing the same. Only this year, I decided to document my grand makeovers, so that I can feel proud of my Durga pujo ensembles by looking back, and think of myself as the newest fashion phenom. Because, that’s what people who are high on holiday spirit do when they don’t know with all the extra time in hand, or how to channelize the energy.

My Durga Pujo Ensembles: A quick look at what I did to myself this year

My Durga Pujo Ensembles 2016

My Durga Pujo Ensembles: A quick look at what I did to myself this year

Even though I’m absolutely unskilled with the camera, I’m generally expected to be behind it during Pujo, capturing my complex’s click-happy Uncles, fashionable Aunties, laughing children and scenes from stage shows. So, I hardly have any picture taken of myself. So, this time, I forced people to take my photographs, or self-clicked. I worked on all five days of the Pujo (perks of being a functioning adult with a job, people), but on Saptami evening, I decided, ‘Enough is enough,” and whipped out my clothes and makeup, unleashing my inner rockstar.

Saptami – A Surge of Excitement

Durga Pujo Ensembles - Saptami Look 2016

Saptami Evening Look – My Durga Pujo Ensembles

My first look was on Saptami, when I went all blue – a midi dress with a natural waistline. What I particularly like about this dress is the shade of blue; it’s not the common Navy or Midnight shade, but kind of a beautiful Prussian. (The left-side picture above is a little weirdly edited, but the shade of the dress is the closest to the actual one that I could manage.) I teamed it with midnight blue shoes and eyeshadow.

Ashtami Morning – Quick and Creative

Durga Pujo Ensembles - Ashtami Morning Look 2016

Ashtami Morning Look – My Durga Pujo Ensembles

Ashtami morning, I threw on a Cloud-coloured asymmetric shift dress. I had no time to put anything on my face, especially because I had an eye irritation. So, to add some colours to the look, I threw on layer, by turning my light peach scarf into a cape-shrug. For my feet, I went for a pair of bright peach and white floral peep-toe wedges. To make my look a little more interesting in a simple way, I made myself a kind of Hobo Bag with a black and white scarf. Yes, MADE!

Ashtami Evening – Simple and Elegant

Durga Pujo Ensembles – Ashtami Evening Look 2016

Ashtami Evening Look – My Durga Pujo Ensembles

For the evening, I put on the black version of the same shift dress, with a pair of simple black heels, and a little kohl and light lip colour. I had too little time and energy to do much else that day, to be honest, and had to make simple things work. And what’s simpler and simultaneously more elegant than black? Besides, the following day would be when I’d go berserk with colours, anyway!

Nabami Morning – A Burst of Colours

Durga Pujo Ensembles – Nabami Morning Look 2016

Nabami Morning Look – My Durga Pujo Ensembles

That brings us to Nabami morning. I was in love with my new lehenga, an electric coral number, with heavy golden embroidery work. Boy, was it heavy! I kept fearing that I would fall down under its weight! Yet, I decided to face my fears. So I climbed my golden wedges, and held my head high (and my lehenga skirt in my hand). I went with a bright coral lipstick; for the eyes, I used golden as a highlighter, and a combination of red, gold and pink for the lids. I decided not to even carry a clutch bag, because I was pretty sure that I had enough to handle for the day.

Nabami Evening – Bangali Unleashed

Durga Pujo Ensembles – Nabami Evening Look 2016

Nabami Evening Look – My Durga Pujo Ensembles

In the evening, I went with the common Nabami favourite of Bengali girls – Shari. I chose a red one with golden borders, and wore a golden blouse with it, instead of the red one that came with the saree. I wore a light necklace and a pair of large golden ear studs. The same golden shoes from my morning’s ensemble went well with the saari. I picked a nice shimmery red for my lips, and for the eyes, I used golden and red eyeshadows. This time, I decided to carry a golden handbag. I realized one thing – that I need to wear this beautiful drape more often to be able to wear it well.

Dashami – Comfy and Monkey-Friendly

Durga Pujo Ensembles – Dashami Morning Look 2016

Dashami Evening Look – My Durga Pujo Ensembles

Now, for Dashami, I decided to go back to my comfort wear, because monkeying around to capture a tearful Aunty or a dancing uncle or an idol being dragged against the setting sun would not be possible in a dress or a saree. So, leggings it is, in camo print! And our apartment Pujo committee’s very own set of T-shirt (with the logo of our apartment’s name on it) felt perfectly comfortable, as well as appropriate, for the Bhaashan. A t-shirt with a pair of leggings/jeans is my go-to attire when I know there’s running to do.

Dashami Evening – Back To Basics

Durga Pujo Ensembles – Dashami Evening Look 2016

Dashami Evening Look – My Durga Pujo Ensembles

In the evening, I was left with very little time to do something big with my attire. So, I again went for a comfy set, with a pair of moss green jeans from last year, a sheer top, a cape-shrug with the peach scarf, dark blue heels on by feet, and the scarf hobo bag. This was a very everyday look, something to remind myself that Pujo is over.

I have experimented with a number of things this pujo. I kept things simple, jazzing the look up with layers or other elements. I discovered how this simple with of cloth can make an ensemble look amazing! I fooled around with makeup and colours. I had fun. At the end of it all, I realized, once again, that wearing pretty clothes and shoes or using makeup is not about looking flawless or impressing others. It is about having fun, and being creative and feeling happy!

I’m working on bringing you some quick and fashionable looks, and basic eye makeup tips. I’ll also show you how I have used scarves in the looks above. Because, the fashion fever is on even as Lakshmi Ubers back to her family, since Kali and her sidekicks have packed their bags for their stay on earth, and that can only mean one thing – DIWALI! So, stay tuned and get inspired. And don’t forget to show your love, if you liked this post!

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  1. Noel Roychoudhury says:

    Looking forward to the eye makeup tips as that brings back a horde of memories from school. I agree with the last line about dressing up and doing makeup to be creative and happy! Cheers, Miss! 🙂

    • Oendrila De says:

      Thanks for the encouraging words, Noel. I’ll start with a basic eye makeup tutorial, and, perhaps do a more advanced one later based on the response. Coming up soon 🙂

  2. Payel says:

    Oh my my! Guide me for the pride.. i am thinking of a look that will challenge all leading stereotypes.

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