My FBB Festive Haul: 5 Fashion Essentials I Picked – for My Parents!

My FBB Festive Haul: 5 Fashion Essentials I Picked – for My Parents!

I am broke, and I am to blame for it; because, I spend most of my salary to buy pretty clothes. I don’t have any time because when I’m not working, I’m on a shopping app or in a shopping mall – or simply fantasising about shopping. I don’t have any space in my room; I’ve hoarded so many clothes that they have occupied my closet, ‘that’ chair in my room, and even a bit of my table.

My FBB Festive Haul: 5 Fashion Essentials I Picked – for My Parents!

My FBB Festive Haul 5 Fashion Essentials I Picked - for My Parents!

My FBB Festive Haul 5 Fashion Essentials I Picked – for My Parents!

So, this week, after spending a couple of hours picking up new clothes at Fashion@Big Bazaar, and trying them out,  I decided I need to stop. I channelled my shopper energy to my parents and picked up five things that I know my they will love. And, I am proud (and a little relieved) to say that my FBB Festive Haul consists of 5 fashion essentials for my parents!

For My Mom

My Mom doesn’t like things to be too fussy these days. She likes simple but fashionable items. And, thankfully, she relies on my styling instincts. I picked three things for her.

White Kurti

This is a fashion essential that needs to be in everyone’s closet. A white kurti is a magical piece that goes well with everything, and adds a touch of dignity to every anything from denim to palazzo, a simple pair of trousers to a heavily embroidered skirt.

Black and White Printed Palazzo

She loves black. So I picked one with Aztec pattern on it in white. And I thought it would go well with her white kurti. I really like FBB’s collection of printed palazzos. This one can be paired with a heavily embroidered, or brightly coloured kurta.

Golden Scarf

I personally love scarves, and the moment I saw this light golden one, I knew I had to get it for my Mum. She loves to wear salwars and Kurtis, and this simple accessory can add a bit of festivity to any simple ensemble, with the right amount of dignity.

For My Father

He never buys his own clothes. His first response to a gift is, “Why did you buy more clothes for me? You should learn to save.” He is the perfect example of the stereotype of a father. He gave in, and accepted the things I bought.

White Printed Shirt

White shirts are classic, and amazing. And, FBB has done something quite fresh to a white shirt, by adding a simple print. Upon looking at it closely, I realised that the design represents a scenery of a field. Aesthetically done, I must say. I fell in love immediately.

Nehru Jacket

Nehru jackets are my favourite. There’s something quite androgynous, and they add a touch of ethnicity to any outfit. My father loves wearing them, so I picked one which has a slight shine and some embroidery, making it quite festive, in a sophisticated manner.

Final Verdict:

Honestly, there’s something really satisfying about buying clothes for my parents, and I’m not the only one who feels this way. I don’t think there’s anything more essential during the festive season than putting a smile on the faces of the two essential people who take care of us for all our lives. My FBB festive haul, which consisted of picking some fashion essentials for my parents, has made me quite happy. I am really impressed by the new collections and designs at the store. There are several designs of kurtis, palazzos, scarves, shirts and jackets available at FBB this season, and they can be styled any way you want. I suggest that you go take a look. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and here’s what I was doing in the store:


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