My Summer Style – What I’ve Been Wearing to Beat the Heat and Sweat in Kolkata

My Summer Style – What I’ve Been Wearing to Beat the Heat and Sweat in Kolkata


My Summer Style - What I've Been Wearing to Beat the Heat and Sweat in Kolkata: JustODThings

My Summer Style – What I’ve Been Wearing to Beat the Heat and Sweat in Kolkata

Summer in Kolkata just won’t go away, now, will it? It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s stuffy, and it leaves a burning sensation on the skin. It’s like a vicious cycle, no matter what I choose to wear. Short, sleeveless clothes set my skin on fire give me bouts of existential crisis, as I wonder whether I have vampire genes. Full-sleeved, large clothes make me empathise with momos as I realise what it feels like to be steam-cooked. But, there’s no way to avoid this killer weather.

This year, I am having particular trouble in coping with the sun breathing down my neck, because I spent around two weeks in the highest regions of West Bengal. It was cold, gloomy and rainy there when I visited; and when I returned, I felt like I landed in the middle of hot, molten lava. So, I found my tools to cope with the drops of fire in the city – fashionable clothes and accessories! Let;s take a look at what I’ve been wearing to beat the heat and sweat.

My Summer Style – What I’ve Been Wearing to Beat the Heat and Sweat in Kolkata

My Summer Style Tips and Tricks: JustODThings

My Summer Style Tips and Tricks

I like to keep things simple. So, my summer style is all about simple ideas of clothes and accessories that, I’m sure, are present in everyone’s closets. And, no, they don’t include shorts and noodle straps. It’s time to turn common items inside the wardrobe to summer style essentials, and use the way I have been doing. Take a look.

1. Lots of White

There’s something about white that makes you feel light and airy. So, I have chosen to wear white a lot this summer. Be it in solid, or in patterns, white has always dominated my summer style. What I have done in the outfit above is paired a lovely peplum top in solid white with a pair of gym pants that have a whimsical sprinkling of black on all the white. The black shoes keep things from getting monotonous, so does the black shrug. the scarf works wonderfully as well, which. This is one of the rare occasions where I’ve mixed patterns, but I’ve been careful not to let them overlap.

TIP: Light shades of blue, peach, etc. work perfectly in summer. Just remember to find the right combo of colours!

My Summer Style - Lots of White and Light Shades: JustODThings

My Summer Style – Lots of White and Light Shades

2. Anti-Fit, Knee/Calf-Length Dresses

I’d purchased three of the same dresses in different colours from Myntra. Since then, I’ve bought many dresses of the similar kind – the knee/calf length, anti-fit, flowy kind made of breathable materials. They’re a blessing in the summers. They not only let the breeze in, but also protect the legs from feeling the sensation of being caught on fire, unlike short dresses that expose the legs – to the sun. Besides, now that it’s raining quite often without warning, these dresses work perfectly, as they don’t catch mud or get wet while walking down a waterlogged road after a downpour.

TIP: Try skirts, culottes, harems, capris, etc. too. Just pick light fabrics. Try to keep things loose from the hips down.

My Summer Style - Anti-Fit, Knee/Calf Length Clothes: JustODThings

My Summer Style – Anti-Fit, Knee/Calf Length Clothes

3. Scarves as Shrugs and Bandanas

Scarves are a boon. They change any outfit. They’re versatile. Scarves can transform from a simple rectangular piece of cloth to a shrug or a bandana, in seconds. They become sleeves for me in summer and make me feel warm and secure in a room where the AC is turned down to the temperature of Siberia. They create a protection between my arms and the sun. And I love layers, even if light and diaphanous. There are hundreds of ways to turn this simple must-have into sleeves. As a bandana, a scarf can easily keep the hair from the face. It’s a magical DIY summer hack!

TIP: Use large scarves as shrugs, and the small, thin ones for the hair. You can cut them off of old dupattas or sarees!

My Summer Style - Scarves as Shrugs or Bandanas: JustODThings

My Summer Style – Scarves as Shrugs or Bandanas

I hope these summer outfits and ideas will help make your summers slightly less comfortable, and a little more stylish. The key is, when you’re stocking up your summer style must-haves, go for light colours, loose silhouettes, and accessories and items that will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the malefic rays of the sun, while coping with the sudden changes in temperature and weather. You can get these and stay fashion-forward at the same time. The fact is, summers won’t go away easily. So, why not make the best of it? All you need are some summer style staples that will always remain fashionable!

My Summer Style to Beat Kolkata's Heat and Sweat: JustODThings

My Summer Style to Beat Kolkata’s Heat and Sweat

PS: A very big THANK YOU to Saurabh Das Gupta Photography for making e look good in all the snaps!

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