My Woman’s Day Gift Hamper – from Swiss Tempelle and FBB!

This year, on women’s day, FBB did something adorable. To show that they care, they sent out a bunch of cute hampers of self-pampering body care products from Swiss Tempelle, a brand that specialises in bringing the goodness of Switzerland in the form of beauty and personal care products. Their new line is all about customising their products to make them appropriate for Indian users, giving them the best of both worlds by combining the bounties of both countries.

My Woman's Day Gift Hamper - from Swiss Tempelle and FBB: JustODThings

My Woman’s Day Gift Hamper – from Swiss Tempelle and FBB!

My Woman’s Day Gift Hamper – from Swiss Tempelle and FBB!

The hamper I received contained a Swiss Tempelle Body Wash bottle, a sample pack of the same, a sample pack of the Swiss Tempelle Energy Rush Body Wash for men, a bottle of Swiss Tempelle Refreshing Summer Lotion, a sample pack of the Swiss Tempelle Intense Nourishing Body Lotion, a loofah and a cute pouch. And, I have to say, I was quite excited to see them sitting in my room to greet me when I returned from a couple of days ago (the delivery service was a little slow, apparently). It’s not every day that I receive cute gift hampers that scream, “Pamper yourself!” Now, here’s a quick look at the various aspects of the Swiss Tempelle Body Lotions and Body Wash.

Swiss Tempelle Products in My Woman's Day Hamper

Swiss Tempelle Products in My Woman’s Day Hamper

Swiss Tempelle Body Wash:

PRICE: INR  175 for 300 ml

Swiss Tempelle Indulging Body Wash

The Swiss Tempelle Indulging Body Wash contains Lotus and Alpine Rose extracts. This shower gel spreads easily and lathers, and offers a unique, subtle fragrance without having an overpowering effect. It leaves the skin moisturised and soft, and the best thing is, there’s no soapy, slippery feeling. I find that in case of most gel based body washes, the soapy feel stays for a long time on the skin, and I keep wanting to wash myself to get the soap off. This one doesn’t do that. So, in short, here are the pros and cons:


1. Soft, gel-based texture that spreads easily on the skin.

2. Lathers easily.

3. Unique aroma.

4. The fragrance is subtle but long-lasting, and doesn’t have any strong, overpowering quality.

5. Leaves smooth and moisturised.

6. Doesn’t leave behind a soapy feeling that most body washes do, especially the ones with moisturising effect.

7. Perfect for normal to oily skin.


1. If you like your soap or body wash to have strong, discernible and common smell, then this might not be for you.

2. Not too foamy or light; forms a thick lather instead.

3. Might not be appropriate for people with extremely dry skin, since it doesn’t have a heavy moisturising quality.


If you have normal to oily skin and want a suppleness on your body with a gentle, refreshing aroma all day, then the Swiss Tempelle Indulging Body Wash is a must buy.

Swiss Tempelle Body Wash: JustODThings

Swiss Tempelle Body Wash

Swiss Tempelle Body Lotions:

PRICE: INR  185 for 300 ml

Swiss Tempelle Refreshing Summer Lotion

The Swiss Tempelle Refreshing Summer Lotion, with Khus and Sage extracts, is a body lotion that can be used in summer. It has a creamy texture and, again, a singular, gentle fragrance. It’s best to apply the lotion right after taking a bath. As the name claims, it can be used in summer, because it doesn’t leave a strong, oily feeling on the skin.


1. Non-sticky and non-oily, and can be used in summer

2. Unique aroma

3. Gentle but lingering fragrance

4. Appropriate for medium to oily skin


1. Thick in texture; Takes a long time and lots of massaging before the skin starts to absorb it.

2. If you want a powerful, recognisable aroma, then this is not for you.

3. If you have extremely dry skin, you will get no particular benefit from this product.


If you have normal or oily skin and need a moisturiser to make your skin feel nourished throughout the year without making you feel sweaty or sticky, then the Swiss Tempelle Refreshing Summer Lotion is a must buy!

Swiss Tempelle Intense Nourishing Body Lotion

Now, I’ll start with how much I loved the fragrance of this one. It’s one of a kind, like the others’, and slightly less subtle, and of all the items I used, I loved this aroma the most. The lotion itself feels thick and creamy as you glide it across the skin after your bath. It will leave the moisturised feeling on the skin for a long time, which makes it perfect for those with dry skin. Despite that, it isn’t sticky at all.


1. Amazing aroma

2. The fragrance is slightly strong, and yet not overwhelming

3. Leaves the feeling of being moisturised for a very long time on the skin

4. Non-Sticky

5. Perfect for those with dry skin, though it can be used on other skin types, as well.


1. Thick in texture, and takes time and effort to melt into the skin.

2. If you are anything like me, and feel sweaty and suffocated by even the slightest overuse of oil-based moisturisers, then this might not be for you, as the presence of the moisturiser stays for a long time.


The Swiss Tempelle Intense Nourishing Body Lotion is designed particularly to help those with extremely dry skin, though it can be used by people with other skin types. But, avoid using it if you have the tendency to feel sweaty, or your skin getting clogged after applying thick, oil-based moisturisers.

Swiss Tempelle Body Lotions: JustODThings

Swiss Tempelle Body Lotions

So, there you go, friends. I hope you found my review of Swiss Tempelle products helpful. I would like to thank FBB and Swiss Tempelle for bringing the New Swiss in Town to my home. The products are now available for Indian users, and have been designed for the different skin types. So, you can now take the advantage of luxury beauty/care products at an affordable price!

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