Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio by Hena Nafis

This morning, Facebook reminded me of my status update on this date last year. Apparently, I was quite angry with women’s magazines for portraying skinny women as the epitome of beauty, and had decided to completely ignore their slimming tips and eat all kinds of junk food. One year later today, I still don’t believe in the standards of beauty set by the media. But, I also believe in being fit and eating clean, not for the sake of appearance, but for a healthy body. And here I am, talking about Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio, a fitness centre dedicated solely to kids, and now branching out to women’s fitness.

Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio by Hena Nafis: JustODThings

Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio by Hena Nafis

Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio by Hena Nafis

No, I’m not being a hypocrite here. So, then, what changed? Well, more on that later. Suffice it to say that my medical conditions caused me to bulk up – a lot and quite rapidly – and left me exhausted, stressed, and irritated all the time, and at risk of more health issues in future. So, there I was, in the middle of a vicious circle of diseases and weight gain, until I decided to take two much-needed steps towards fitness – one towards healthy food, and the other towards the gym. I spent a lot of time on researching good food and steps to gain fitness. And that’s when I came across two facts.

Fact 1: Eating clean doesn’t mean staying hungry, staying deprived of calories, or gulping food without fat or protein.

Fact 2: Obesity is a much-ignored epidemic in the world, with India Ranking 5th on the list of countries with obesity. Childhood obesity itself has reached an alarming 22%.

Fact 1 led me to learn about Hena Nafis, and fact 2, about her children’s fitness centre.

Children Having Fun while Getting Fit at Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio: JustODThings

Children Having Fun while Getting Fit at Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio

Why a Fitness Centre for Children?

Obesity can be the cause and result of many health problems. So, for a healthy lifestyle, why not start early? I have a niece who just turned 5, and ever since my basic education in health and fitness, I haven’t been able to keep from wondering if the problem of unhealthy eating and lack of proper physical activity can be eliminated early, i.e. during childhood. Let’s face it – children are as busy as we adults are, and they get as little time for physical activities as we do to hit the gym. And there’s always the allure of potato chips and chocolates and sweet cereals. And that’s where Nutrience – a Kid’s Fitness Studio and Hena Nafis come into the picture.

Children at Work at Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio: JustODThings

Children at Work at Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio

Nutrience – a Kid’s Fitness Studio by Nutritionist Hena Nafis

One of the most popular names in the nutrition industry, Hena Nafis, has dedicated several years of her life to studying food science. Using her experience, she has finally come up with this one of a kind boutique lifestyle modification centre for children. It is a well-equipped gym, where children get to learn to be in shape – through a lot of fun! My enthusiasm for fitness is majorly theoretical. Every evening, I sit and have a mental debate over whether hitting the gym is worth it. And yet, I saw some extremely happy children when I visited the place in Salt Lake. And why wouldn’t they be? The centre is sprawled over 1700 Sq. Ft., has equipment designed especially for children, and has mentors and trainers who help children enjoy physical activities.

Inside Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio: JustODThings

Inside Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio

Parents Speak about NKFS

I talked with two sets of parents during my visit to the Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio. Mrs. Hema Sharma, a former resident of Kuala Lumpur, had come with her husband to enrol their kid that day. While her adorable boy went through his first session with reluctance, she told me that NKFS was the international look and feel of the gym’s ambience and setup that made her bring her son here. Mrs. Amrita Ghosh’s son, on the other hand, is a few-weeks-old member, and there’s already a change in his attitude towards NKFS, and towards exercising, in general. She thinks that the equipment designed to make them feel like they are snowboarding or flying or swimming are part of the charm, along with the friendly instructors. Children receive rewards for their efforts and successes. They don’t need to be coaxed. The home-based tasks are designed so that children themselves keep a track of their food intake! This helps them learn about fitness and nutrition, even as a child.

Specially Designed Equipment for Children at Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio: JustODThings

Specially Designed Equipment for Children at Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio

Targetting the Body and Mind

Yes, Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio is more than just a gym for children. It takes care of the food habits of children, as well. Because, after all, it is the brainchild of nutritionist Hema Nafis. I have heard doctors say that fitness is 20% about exercise, and 80% about food. As mentor duo Sarika and Shashank Agarwal mentioned, this centre aims at correcting unhealthy eating habits of children, and declining their interest in such food. This way, they eventually learn more about food and nutrition, and get trained to choose the right food. It runs special Zumba and Krav Maga (self-defence) classes. Yoga and fitness classes for adults, especially women, are also in the pipeline. It is also a learning centre that targets the mind of children through story-telling, learning through games, etc.

Honing the Mind and Body Becomes Fun at Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio: JustODThings

Honing the Mind and Body Becomes Fun at Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio

Final Verdict

Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio offers a holistic programme to help children grow up into healthy adults. After receiving complaints from helpless parents, Hena built this centre. When 70 million of the young bookish couch potatoes and sugar junkies are likely to be overweight by 2025, a fitness centre dedicated to the development of the mind and body of children between 6 and 13 is much-needed. It is time for parents learn to address the root of the problem and introduce children to a healthy lifestyle at an early stage, instead of waiting for them to turn obese first, because prevention is always better than cure. As a doting aunt to the world’s most perfect five-year-old, and a fitness enthusiast, I think it’s the perfect place to get a child started on the path o fitness, and hope that by the time my niece turns 6, there’s a branch of NKFS nearby!

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