Olaplex Hair Treatment at Ishrat’s Salon – To Rejuvenate Exhausted Mane!

Olaplex Hair Treatment at Ishrat’s Salon – To Rejuvenate Exhausted Mane!

I have never been good at dealing with this time of the year. The post-celebration exhaustion, mixed with the stressful return to normal, busy life, is a killer, as it is. Plus, the season change has brought fever and throat infection for as long as I can remember. This year, too, the same happened, along with three days of rain, and some really strong medicines. To sum it all up, I have ‘weary’ written on my skin and along my hair strands. Luckily, I found a quick fix for my mane – the Olaplex Anti Breakage System at Ishrat’s Hair, Skin and Make-Up Studio in Lord Sinha Road.

Olaplex Hair Treatment at Ishrat’s Salon – To Rejuvenate Exhausted Mane!

Olaplex Hair Treatment at Ishrat's Salon - To Rejuvenate Exhausted Mane 2017: by Oendrila De

Olaplex Hair Treatment at Ishrat’s Salon – To Rejuvenate Exhausted Mane!

About Olaplex Anti Breakage System

Olaplex is a scientific treatment for hair to improve its health and the texture. It aims to go beyond the surface for an in-depth treatment through rebuilding broken hair bonds. The process involves three steps to implement a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level. Well, if that’s as much of hair-science jargon for you as it is for me, then let me put it simply for you; if your is all tired and lacklustre, then the Olaplex treatment can provide in-depth treatment to rejuvenate it.

About Ishrat’s Hair, Skin and Make-Up Studio

Ishrat’s Hair, Skin and Make-Up Studio is the result of the pure passion for the art of making people beautiful of Ishrat Ansar who has the knack of giving people the confidence to embrace themselves. Her studio, which is spread over an area of 1150 square feet, is designed to provide a cosy ambience, besides the best-quality products and services. It has five sections: the hair salon that can seat seven clients, a manicure and pedicure area, a facial room, a body polishing room, and a bridal section.

My Experience of Olaplex Hair Treatment at Ishrat’s Salon

I have a weakness for places that have large windows and use a lot of natural lights. ishrat’s does exactly that, creating a lovely, sunlight-kissed salon for men and women. They are really particular and gentle with how they treat the problems of their clients. They took great care to provide comfort and care. One particular thing that struck me was how the wonderful lady who was taking care of me gently ran her fingers through my wet hair after the wash. I have had several hair treatments; nowhere have I found someone to comb my wet hair with fingers to reduce breakage. I’m sure everyone has been adviced by their moms to comb wet hair only with fingers. Yet, Ishrat’s is the only place that gave the homely care. This is just one example. Ishrat’s succeeds to make its clients warm and happy.

My Final Verdict

The special care, along with the high-quality Olaplex treatment, left my hair feeling and looking smoother, softer and healthier. I admit that the treatment did not give an immediate uncanny shine or a strong aroma, but you will love touching your hair all the time! A couple of days after the treatment, my hair still feels flexible and full. And, considering I feel horrible because of my health and all the medicines, that’s a big deal! I can honestly say that Ishrat’s understands what treatment the hair or skin of a person needs. They recognised my hair problem, and immediately prescribed Olaplex. So, if you need appropriate suggestions about your hair and skin, and regain your glow, then Ishrat’s Hair, Skin and Make-Up Studio is definitely your destination!

Price: Rs. 2000/-Diwali Discount

Diwali Discount: Rs. 999/-

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