Opening A New Door to Oriental Cuisine with Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji

Anyone who knows me knows that I live to eat, and that Oriental food is my weakness. But, inexperienced as I am in the department of food, my Oriental experiences have so far been limited Chinese and Thai food only. And, I’m pretty sure I’m yet to discover most of the wonders of these two cuisines. For some reason, I have always been a little scared of Japanese food. I have let myself nurse the stereotype that Japanese food means Sushi, which again means raw food; I have done nothing to change grow out of this. But recently, I had the opportunity to visit a restaurant in Kolkata that not only introduced me to the other sides of Japanese food, but also to the goodness of sushi! The authentic Japanese food at Fuji opened a whole new door to Oriental cuisine.

Opening A New Door to Oriental Cuisine with Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji

Opening A New Door to Oriental Cuisine with Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji: JustODThings

Opening A New Door to Oriental Cuisine with Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji

Location and Ambience

Fuji is Located in Sarat Bose Road, Southern Avenue in Kolkata. It can well be called a hidden gem, because you really have to keep an eye on the hoardings to find the place. it is on the 3rd floor, and the tiny display of the name of the restaurant is mostly overshadowed by a huge board which, in neons, says “RESTAURANT N BAR”. The inside of the restaurant has an earthy colour scheme inspired by wood and bamboo, which gives the place a Japanese feel. But, what makes the place truly Japanese is the addition of shoji panels, tatami mats, floor cushions, short legged chabudai tables and such traditional furniture and home decor accessories. It offers a 12 seater private dining room, aside from the main dining area.

Enjoy Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji Amidst Traditional Decor: JustODThings

Enjoy Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji Amidst Traditional Decor


Fuji’s extensive menu for Kolkata’s diners includes a wide range of delicacies cooked with imported ingredients and authentic techniques. Of course, when you’re about to try Japanese, you’ll be given sushi and sashimi choices, like salmon, scallop, tuna, squid and shrimp. But, aside from these, the authentic Japanese food at Fuji also include a selection of noodles like udon and soba, rice specialities, deep-fried and tempura dishes, grilled items, etc. As we started to settle in for the tasting session, food started to arrive. It started with the delicious mocktails – the Green Eyed Monster, the Watermelon Iced Tea and the Pink Heaven. Then came the aromatic Jasmine Tea in an ornately designed pot, and as a tea lover, I fell in love with its subtle flavours. But the drinks were just to wash down the incredible dishes!

Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji - Green Tea: JustODThings

Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji – Green Tea


Momo Soup – Soft, amply stuffed dumplings in a gently flavoured soup: it’s heaven for those who love momos!

Kolkata Maki – Sticky rice and seaweed with crispy-fried prawn inside – the dish tasted as beautiful as it looked.

Delhi Maki – This one had delicious Teriyaki chicken, but being an ardent seafood fan, I preferred the first Maki.

Tempura Platter – Prawns and veggies with a crispy batter coating: what can go? The flavourful jalapeno crispies and the onion rings, which were a Japanese version of our good old peyajis, formed a great team with the prawns!

Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji - Starters: JustODThings

Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji – Starters


Mixed Yakisoba – The noodles felt smooth, almost creamy in the mouth. It had a unique flavour base, and tasted nothing like any noodle dish that I’ve ever tried. Plus, it was loaded with meat, shrimps, and veggies, each of which made its own contribution of flavour to the dish. The veggies were cooked to retain a bit of the original crunch, too!

Teriyaki Salmon – To go with the gentle flavours of the noodles, we had the Teriyaki Salmon. Authentic Oriental food is noted for its seafood dishes, and I rediscovered why. As Bangalis, we grow up loving our fish, and the Teriyaki Salmon was just the appropriate dish to try. I absolutely loved the tender sweetness of the sauce, not to mention the succulence of the fish. Together with the Mixed Yakisoba noodles, it did wonders to my stomach and my taste buds.

Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji - Main Course: JustODThings

Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji – Main Course


Wasabi Icecream – The incredible dinner came to an end with something that I have never tried before – the Wasabi Icecream. It looked super inviting, but sadly, its flavour did not quite work for me. One thing I can vouch for, though, is that this dessert is truly unique, with a wasabi-like spiciness, and might turn out to be an acquired taste.

Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji - Wasabi Icecream for Dessert: JustODThings

Authentic Japanese Food at Fuji – Wasabi Icecream for Dessert

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a new dining experience in the heart of Kolkata, Fuji is the place for you. The authentic Japanese food at Fuji, along with its traditional decor, is something Kolkata hardly offers anywhere else. Here, at Fuji, you will get acquainted with the diversity that Japanese cuisine offers. And trust me, it’s nothing like Chinese or Thai food. And, I’m pretty sure that when you walk out of Fuji, you’ll be a new fan of Sushi! it’s a must-visit for anyone who loves Asian food, because, I would personally consider it a sin for Oriental cuisine lovers to miss Japanese food!

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