Puja Special Bengali Menu at The Stadel for the hungry Bangalis

Durga Pujo is here. If you have been enamoured in work from 9 am to 5 am like I have, then here’s an update – the Depipaksha has begun, already, and so has the season of fun, fashion and of course, food! Durga Pujo is never complete without amazing dishes, be it the tastes and flavours of Bengal, or dishes from other Indian and international styles. And, you’re in for a treat this year, with the Puja Special Bengali Menu at The Stadel, along with other special menus.

Mega Feast During Pujo: Puja Special Bengali Menu at The Stadel for the hungry Bangalis

Durga Puja Buffet Menu Of The Stadel

The Stadel Presents Durgo Utsav 2016

It’s Sharod Utsav 2016 at First Innings, The Stadel, and the festival of food includes not one, not two but three menus: Durga Puja Mahabhoj Buffet Menu, Indian A-la-Carte Menu and Chinese A-la-Carte Menu. I dropped in with my foodie friends of Panch Phoron, and having caught the pujo fever in the air, I was naturally attracted to the Bengali menu, i.e. the Durga Puja Mahabhoj Buffet Menu.

Sarodotsav 2016 Buffet Menu at The Stadel

Durga Puja Buffet of The Stadel

Here’s all that you can enjoy in the Puja Special Bengali Menu at The Stadel:

1. Live Chaat CounterFuchka Counter,Papri Chat & Aloo Cholar Chat

Chaat at The Stadel


2. Welcome DrinkGandhoraj Doi Ghol, Jal Jeera & Gol Lebur Sorbat

Lassi at The Stadel Kolkata

Welcome Drinks

3. SaladGreen Salad, Russian Salad, Chicken Noodle Salad & Thai Raw Papaya Salad

Salad at The Stadel


4. Bhaja BhujiBeguni , Bori Bhaja, Vegetable Chop, Jhur Jhure Aloo Bhaja, Badam Diye Lal Saag Bhaja & Dimer Chop

Bhajabhuji at The Stadel


5. TorkariChanar Kofta, Dhokar Dalna, Potoler Dolma & Aloo Phulkopir Torkari

Durga Puja 2016 Menu of The Stadel

Durga Puja Buffet of The Stadel Kolkata

6. MaachChingri Bhapa & Pabda Tel Bori Jhal, Katla Kalia & Grilled Fish

Fish Dishes of The Stadel


Fish Dishes At The Stadel


7. MangshoMorich Murgi Jhol & Mutton Dakbanglow

Chicken Dishes at The Stadel


Mutton dishes at The Stadel


8. DalNarkol Diye Cholar Dal & Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal

Daal at The Stadel Kolkata


9. NanarokomHing Kachori, , Dhakai Pulao & Sada Bhaat

Luchi in the Stadel Kolkata


10. ChutneyAamsatto Kherjurer Chutney

11. Bhaja Papad

12. MishtimukhMisti Doi, Chanar Jilipi, Rosogolla & Chocolate Monte Carlo

Desserts at The Stadel


And finally, for the final burst of joyful spice-mix at the end of the sumptuous meal, there’s the quintessential Misti Paan for Mukhshuddhi.

Aside from the Durga Puja Mahabhoj Buffet Menu to cater to your Bangali cravings, there are the Indian A-la Carte Menu and Chinese A-la-Carte Menu, which are just as delightful and varied! Take a look:

Puja Special Bengali Menu at The Stadel

Durga Puja Menu of The Stadel Kolkata

All prices are subject to taxes as applicable; the Bengali Buffet Lunch/Dinner is priced at Rs. 1445/- including tax. Here are the other necessary details:

FIRST INNINGS – Sunday, 2nd October ’16 to Tuesday, 11th October ’16.
Saundhe Aloo Achari Kebab(8Pcs.) 200.00
Subz Seekh Kebab 200.00
Paneer Nawabi Kabab(4Pcs.)  220.00
Ajwani Paneer Tikka(4Pcs.) 220.00
Paneer Makhani 250.00
Paneer Methi Masala 250.00
Gobi Matar Chatpata 200.00
Aloo Jeera 200.00
Adraki Aloo Masala 200.00
Begam Anarkali Kofta 200.00
Pulao Khush Nawab 150.00
Pulao-E-Jeera 125.00
Khuska Pulao 150.00
Steam Rice 120.00
Dal- E- Bahar 200.00
Dal Bukhara 200.00
Lucknow Dhania Dal 150.00
Yellow Dal Tadka 150.00

So, chop-chop! Make the reservations, and get ready for a foodielicious Durga Puja with First innings, The Stadel!

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