Pujo special menu at Country Roads

How many of you are aware of the fact that you can get home-brewed beer in Kolkata? Well, I wasn’t aware of this fact up until a few days ago, when I had the opportunity to visit Country Roads, a microbrewery and restaurant. And, as if crafted beer wasn’t reason enough, it has arranged for some irresistible items to devour this Pujo! Yes, the all new Pujo Special Menu at Country Roads includes food and drinks that go perfectly with each other, their wide range of beers made in the brewery that you can see at work while you enjoy the food at the restaurant. Plus, they have an innovative menu of beverages, too!

Pujo special menu at Country Roads for a ‘brewtiful’ meal this festive season!

Amazing Brewery Experience At Country Roads Kolkata

Amazing Brewery Experience

Pujo Special Menu At Country Roads

Country Roads – Kolkata

All the restaurants in the city are ready with their menus for the festive season. What I found particularly interesting about the Pujo Special Menu at Country Roads is that it has not tried to create another list of Bengali dishes. Instead, this restaurant on the second floor of The Galleria in Rajarhat New Town has struck to its original cuisines, i.e. North Indian, Chinese and Continental, and created some unique items for the Pujas.

Amazing Beer At Country Roads

Amazing Beer

Beer At Country Roads Kolkata


Special Mixes At Country Roads

Special Mixes

Beer And Special Mixes At Country Roads

Beer And Special Mixes

After tasting all the Bengali dishes from the Puja menus of different restaurants with my food-blogger friends of Panch Phoron, Country Roads’ menu felt liked a welcome change of pace (or, in this case, cuisine). So, if you’re one of those people who have an amazing mom stuffing you with Bengali food all through the year, and hence, wish to stay away from all tastes Bengali during the festive lunches and dinners, then Country Roads is definitely your place.

Microbrewery Of Country Roads Kolkata

The Microbrewery

We tried their Fried Calamari, Grilled Salmon with Pesto Sauce, House Full Tangi Garlic Wings, Hungarian Goulash, Fish Shish Touk, and Tandoori Stuffed Baby Potato. Each and every item was distinct in tastes and aromas, and the use of aromatics didn’t not overpower the original flavour of the hero of any dish. And, they were so well-presented that for the first time in my life, I believed in the concept of love at first sight.

Pujo Menu At Country Roads

Durga Pujo 2016 Menu

Hungarian Goulash At Country Roads Kolkata

Hungarian Goulash

House Full Tangi Garlic Wings At Country Roads Kolkata

House Full Tangi Garlic Wings

The Hungarian Goulash became my instant favourite. It’s a dish consisting of boneless mutton marinated with sweet paprika, bell pepper, onion, garlic, and wine, and was served on a bed of herbs rice. The meat and the gravy had been beautifully infused with the aromas of the different ingredients, and there was a very mild sweetness that went beautifully with the slight hint of heat from the paprika. A lovely combination, and a treat for the senses!

Grilled Salmon With Pesto Sauce At Country Roads Kolkata

Grilled Salmon With Pesto Sauce

Fried Calamari At Country Roads

Fried Calamari

To go with the items on the menu, you not only have the amazing beers. I loved their Belgian Blond: it’s light on the taste buds, and gives just the right amount of buzz! And if you’re not too psyched about the taste of beer, then you can try one of the Special Mixes of Country Roads. They have a whole new beverage menu for the Pujo, too!

Fish Shish Touk At Country Roads Kolkata

Fish Shish Touk

Durga Pujo special menu at Country Roads


Chickpeas Cake & Yoghurt Sauce – 259
Chickpeas marinated with onion, garlic, ginger, coriander served with yogurt sauce.

Crispy Chilly Baby Corn – 259
Fresh baby corn marinated with flour, corn flour, salt, pepper served with tomato sweet chilly sauce.

Quesadillas – 249
Grilled corn, zucchini & black beans.

Tandoori Stuffed Baby Potato – 309
Baby potato stuffed with polenta & Indian herbs served mint sauce.


Chicken Involtini. – 389
Slice chicken stuffed with parsley & cheese served with pesto sauce.

Lemon Thyme Charcoal Grill Chicken – 389
Succulent chicken marinated with garlic, thyme & lime juice served with cilantro sauce.

Lawrence Tandoori Chicken – 289 (Half)/589(Full)
Spring chicken marinated with basil, garlic & spices served with hot sauce.

House Full Tangi Garlic Wings – 359
Wings marinated with salt, pepper & garlic, chilly paste served with tangi sauce.

Fish Shish Touk – 499
Diced fish marinated with curd, lime juice & garlic served with balsamic reduction.

Mahi Irani – 429
Succulent fish marinated with ginger, garlic, cream, cashew paste& spices served with mint chutney.

Basil Garlic Reshmi Chicken Tikka – 329
Chicken marinated with cheese, green chilly & basil, garlic served with mint chutney.

Coconut and Basil steamed mussels – 279
Fresh mussels marinated with garlic, white wine, cream served with chopped tomato & parsley.

Fried Calamari – 429
Deep fried squids served with hot garlic sauce


Charcoal Exotic Vegetables Served with couscous. – 279
Exotice veggies served with semolina balls

Grilled cottage cheese served with quinoa. – 329
Paneer served with quina (type of grain)

Penne with peas pesto. – 299
Penne pasta served with green peas and pesto sauce (basil based sauce)

Paneer corn pepper masala – 299
Fresh paneer with American corn, bell pepper served with yellow saffron gravy.

Spinach cheese kofta – 279
Mixed Spinach & cheese with tomato red gravy.

Curried Paneer with Manchurian sauce – 299
Paneer Manchurian

Exotic vegetables with ginger wine sauce. – 279
Exotic Vegges with redwine sauce


Hungarian Goulash – 499
Boneless mutton marinated with sweet paprika, bell pepper, onion, garlic, and wine, served with herbs rice.

Meat balls with marinara sauce – 479
Mutton mince marinated with garlic, parsley served with tomato provincial sauce.

Mutton Rara Gosht. – 479
Mutton boti with minced marinated with yogurt, Indian spices

Chicken duckbanglow – 419
All-time favorite

Curried Chicken with Manchurian sauce – 399
Fresh chicken marinated with curry powder served with Manchurian sauce

Grilled Salmon with pesto sauce – 699
Ocean fresh salmon marinated with salt&pepper served with pesto sauce

Prawn with ginger wine sauce. – 499
Ocean Fresh Prawn Marinated with lime ,Garlic Served with Ginger Wine Sauce


Roti – 49
Butter Roti – 59
Naan – 59
Butter Naan – 69
Masala Kulcha – 79


Veg Fried Rice – 229
Chicken Olive Fried Rice. – 299
Veg Hakka Noodles – 229
Roasted nuts & Chicken Hakka noodles. – 299
Safed chawal. – 159
Zeera coriander Paulao. – 199


Cheese cake – 159
Hot Gulab Jamun – 129
Phalamishrit ice Cream

Crafted beer straight from the brewery

German Weizen – 129(250ml)/199(500ml)
Belgian Blond- 129(250ml)/199(500ml)
Scottish Ale- 129(250ml)/199(500ml)

Country roads special Mixology

The Primer – 429
White Rum, dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cream

The Roaders – 379(glass)/829(pitcher)
The Grand Ancestor of LIIT

The Jimmies Jar – 379(glass)/829(pitcher)
Mix of Exotic fruits with vodka, gin, orange juice, cranberry juice and dash of grenadine

Russian Choice – 299
The combination of Whiskey, Sweet& Sour mix with Red wine

For The Angels – 299
The mix of Tamarind water and tequila with slat rim

Marry Mix – 329
Mix of Vodka with spices and guava juice

The Jamaican Horse – 299
Dark Rum, Orange juice, Peach syrup

The Wifey Kiss – 299
Mix of Aromatic lime, Rum, and splash of carbonated water

Classic Cocktail

Bloody Mary – 299
Classic mix of  Vodka with Tomato Juice and other spice

Mojito – 299
White Rum with lime, mint, sweet & sour

Cosmopolitan – 299
Classic mix of  Vodka, Cranberry juice, and lime

Dirty Martini – 299
Mix of Gin, Vermouth, Olive brine

Martini ( litchi/Mango/Watermelon/Basil) – 299
Martini is mix of vodka And fresh ingredients with dry Vermouth

Long Island Iced Tea – 429(glass)/829(pitcher)
The ancient combination of 5 white spirits with cola

Old Fashion – 299
The perfect blend of whiskey, bitter, and splash of soda

Sangria – 299
Wine infused with fresh seasonal fruits (red/white)

Hot Toddy – 299
Brandy mix with spice and hot water


Roaders Bomb – 399
Tequila, Redbull

The Country Maker – 399
Whiskey with fresh crafted brewed beer

Kamikaze – 399
Vodka, Cointreau, lime

The Shark Attack – 499
White rum, Tequila, Blue curacao

The Purple Couple – 329
Vodka, Black currant



Johnnie Walker Blue Label – 1999(30ml)/2999(60ml)
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 yrs – 429(30ml)/729(60ml)
Chivas Regal 12yrs – 429(30ml)/729(60ml)
Jameson (Irish whiskey) – 329(30ml)/669(60ml)
Jack Daniels (Bourbon whiskey) – 429(30ml)/729(60ml)
Jeam Beam White (Bourbon whiskey) – 229(30ml)/399(60ml)

Single Malt

Glenlivet 12 yrs – 649(30ml)/1179(60ml)
Oban 12yrs – 649(30ml)/1179(60ml)
Singleton 12yrs – 649(30ml)/1179(60ml)


Black dog – 229(30ml)/399(60ml)
Ballantines – 229(30ml)/399(60ml)
Teachers 50 – 389(30ml)/729(60ml)
Teachers Highland cream – 199(30ml)/349(60ml)
100 pipers – 199(30ml)/349(60ml)
Vat 69 – 199(30ml)/329(60ml)


Antiquity Blue – 149(30ml)/229(60ml)
Blenders pride – 149(30ml)/229(60ml)


Honey bee – 129(30ml)/199(60ml)


Grey Goose – 599(30ml)/1079(60ml)
Ciroc – 599(30ml)/1079(60ml)
Kettle One – 499(30ml)/899(60ml)
Absolut Blue – 269(30ml)/469(60ml)
Smirnoff – 149(30ml)/229(60ml)


Bacardi carta blanca – 149(30ml)/229(60ml)
Bacardi lemon – 149(30ml)/229(60ml)
Bacardi black – 149(30ml)/229(60ml)
Breezer flavours – 199
Old Monk – 149(30ml)/229(60ml)


Bombay Sapphire – 329(30ml)/549(60ml)
Beefeater – 269(30ml)/469(60ml)
Gordon’s – 199(30ml)/349(60ml)


Sauza Silver – 229(30ml)
Camino Silver – 229(30ml)

Sparkling Wine

Sula Brut – 2549 (bottle)


Jacobs Creek ( red/white) – 2549(bottle)/749(glass)
Hardys (red/white) – 2549(bottle)/749(glass)
Sula (red/white) – 1249(bottle)/349(glass)


Carlsberg Elephant (650ml) – 329
Carlsberg (330ml) – 229
Tuborg (330ml) – 179


The mango Twist – 229
Mango juice, Fresh Cream

The Kiwi’s Group – 229
Kiwi Crush, lemonade Fresh lime juice

Orange Virgin Mojito – 229
Mix of fresh Malta & Mojito mix

The Red Lips- 229
Apple Juice, Fresh cream & Grenadine

Juices – 110
Diet Coke – MRP
Red Bull – MRP
Aerated Water – 90
Fresh Lime Soda/water – 90
Packaged drinking water – MRP

*Taxes Applicable

So, if you’re an alcohol lover, then Country Roads is just the place for you this Pujo. Cocktails, beers, and a lot of good food – all new and unique, developed to make your Durga Puja feasts special!

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