Six Bloggers Group Welcomes the Wintry Nip with Knitwear!

Six Bloggers Group Welcomes November Nip with Knitwear!

Winter has always been my favourite season of the year. Home Alone and winter-special episodes of Looney Tunes on the TV, Christmas parties and rehearsals in school, sugar-coated jelly lozenges in the refrigerator, rich fruit cake from Nahoum’s… It brings me a host of childhood memories. I remember how, with the first cool wind, the women front North-East India put up temporary stalls in the northern parts of my city, and sell the warmest, cutest knitwear. I remember how my grandma and my Mum used to bring home yarns and start knitting. As they sat, twisting and turning and waving their fingers, and long pieces of colourful, warm clothes took shape, I used to stare, fascinated. The first thing I knitted was a tiny sweater for my then new-born brother; I was nine. The last thing I had the time to make was a black beret for myself, around three winters ago.

Six Bloggers Group Welcomes November Nip with Knitwear!

My Favourite Knitwear and Winter Buddy 2017

My Favourite Knitwear and Winter Buddy

It took me several years – almost two decades – before I went back to playing with all the warmth of wool. I taught myself to crochet, and bought myself a small round loom. That was a happy year for my friends and family, as everyone received fun caps. Someone even BOUGHT a Minion-shaped cap from me! For myself, I crocheted this black cap in the shape of a beret. Once November hits, I bring it out, and I have many reasons. Firstly, everyone asks me about it, and I get to boast that I MADE it! Secondly, it nicely covers my bad hair days, which seem to multiply in winters. And lastly – and I can’t stress this enough – I’m a reptile, and I need to be warm, at all times. And since this black cap goes with most of the things I wear on a daily basis, it has become my beloved winter-buddy! (Have you noticed how proud I am of the cap?)

My Knitwear Look 2017

My Knitwear Look

It looks like I am not the only one who loves knitwear. My friends from the Six Bloggers Group, who are mostly from the US, have pulled out their caps and sweaters, all handwoven (by them, someone else) with the first chilly bite in the air!


Look at Chelsea’s black and white sweater, with the intricate patterns! The high-low number by Sophia Reyes goes so well with her white top and black leggings. Check out more on about her love for knitwear during the winter season on her blog!

Chelsea's Knitwear Look 2017

Chelsea’s Knitwear Look


Dominique is a new member of the Six Bloggers’ Group, and has brought a touch of vintage clothing to the mix. She chose this lovely sweater with patterns in pastel shades of blue and pink. I particularly love the hat. Here’s more from her blog!

Dominique’s Knitwear Look


As usual, Gabby has put together simple pieces to make an interesting look. She has picked not one but two items – the hat and the sweater. I love how her beanie gathers to create a wintry look. Here is what she said about knitwear on her blog.

Gabby's Knitwear Look 2017

Gabby’s Knitwear Look


Once again, Jody has kept it cool, casual and absolutely stylish, with her whole outfit. She considers it a wise choice to wear hats in winters. And, I agree – it takes wisdom to make a simple winter outfit look this stylish! Here’s more from her blog.

Jodie's Knitwear Look 2017

Jodie’s Knitwear Look


And finally, it’s Rosy, who has kept things simple and yet stunningly pretty, like always. She has chosen to go with this sweater made by her Mom. True enough, the piece has a signature rustic quality in it. Check out more from her on her blog.

Rosie's Knitwear Look 2017

Rosie’s Knitwear Look

In conclusion, winter fashion can be stylish and cute with knitwear, whether it’s  sweater, a cap, a muffler, or a pair of leggings. And for me, there’s always a sense of warmth involved with these. It isn’t the sweat-inducing warmth I am talking about; it’s the warmth of old memories and love, and the joy of all the anticipation regarding the upcoming festivities.

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