Six Bloggers Return – with Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas!

Six Bloggers Return – with Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas!

I always play it safe when it comes to patterns. I stick to a single pop of patterns in my entire outfit. I’m usually quite scared to mix patterns. I have seen horrendous results of pairing florals with polka dots, zigzag with basket weave. The worst is when there are layers with patterns on them, overlapping, clashing and creating a chaos, and combining colours in ways that just don’t pair well.

Six Bloggers Return – with Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas!

Six Bloggers Return - with Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas 2017: by Oendrila De JustODThings

Six Bloggers Return – with Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas!

So, when my friends from the “six blogger style group” and I decided to mix patterns for our October collaboration blog, I was in as much of a soup as the others, and were not really sure about what to do. We did our research, shared it all, and tried to help each other. At the end of it all, I learnt one thing – that I will never be able to learn art, and will always have to go with my guts.

My Pattern Mixing Idea

In this outfit, I have stayed with the safe black-and-white combo. The scarf-turned-shrug has tangram and geometric patterns in black on white, while the white pants have black strokes and splatters. The classic colour combination is one of the main reasons this works, I think. Besides, the solid white top has added space and kept the patterns – one of which is large and systematic, and the other unruly and small – from colliding in a busy and confused manner!

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas - OD's Look 2017: by Oendrila De

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas – OD’s Look

Chelsea’s Outfit

Chelsea has recently started to play with pattern mixing. She went a little bold for our collab, as she picked a classic black and white buffalo plaid shirt from Talbots as the base and threw on a floral scarf, which, if you look closely, mixes prints all on its own! This scarf has a floral pattern on top of herringbone. So, those who are like me and are nervous about pattern mixing on their own, can have fun with this trend by picking pieces that do all the hard part!

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas - Chelsea's Look 2017: by Oendrila De JustODThings

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas – Chelsea’s Look

Gabby’s Look

Gabby, in my opinion, has gone total pro with pattern mixing! Who else can layer three patterns, and rock the result? In her outfit, she has put together camo jeans, striped tank top, and a leopard-print scarf. While they’re busier and less spring-summer in mood that she normally picks out, she admits it made her feel super pulled together and chic. Her trusty denim vest has helped break up the crazy patterns and prevented things from getting overwhelming!

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas - Gabby's Look 2017: by Oendrila De JustODThings

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas – Gabby’s Look

Jody’s Idea

Jody tends to gravitate to casual outfits when trying something new, and pattern mixing is as new to her as it is to any of us! She went with two of my favourite patterns – plaid and stripes. She then added a pair of jogger pants to add a more casual touch to the outfit. Jody admits that mixing prints is something she would never do on her own, and is glad that we chose this theme for the month. I’m honestly so impressed by how cool she looks in this outfit!

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas - Jody's Look 2017: by Oendrila De JustODThings

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas – Jody’s Look

Laurel’s Choice

Laurel felt as clueless as the rest of us about this challenge, until in the last minute; she found a pair of black-and-white printed leggings which she found in her closet, and paired it with a solid black nursing top! For her second set of patterns, she threw on the black-and-white long sweater.  To go with the black-and-white theme – dominated by black, of course – she has paired the outfit with black calf length boots! Such a perfect outfit for the slightly cool fall!

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas - Laurel's Look 2017: by Oendrila De JustODThings

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas – Laurel’s Look

Rosy’s Look

Rosy has chosen her patterns quite smartly. Her white top has really large flowers, all spaced out from each other, and it has prevented any kind of cluttering. She has teamed it with a shirt with plaids. I think the difference in the shapes of the patterns, along with the ample space in white, has worked wonders for her outfit. I also love how she has tied the shirt around her waist, instead of adding it as a new layer, which further makes the two patterns work!

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas - Rosy's Look 2017: by Oendrila De JustODThings

Pattern Mixing Outfit Ideas – Rosy’s Look

Well, I had a lot of fun, mixing patterns for my October collaboration. I still have everything to learn about pattern mixing, to be honest, and I still haven’t figured out if there’s any thumb rule to follow in this regard. But, based on what I observed, things that seem to make pattern mixing work are:

1) Combining same colours, or shades of the same groups, like the black and white combos.

2) Patterns that are absolutely opposite in shape and size, like matching plaids with florals, or stripes with animal print.

3) Combining patterns that have similar angles, like horizontal stripes with plaids.

4) Adding some space by using solid colours.

Of course, there are bolder ways to play with patterns, and you can go on to mix three of them. I’m sure you will gradually develop a sense of what looks too choc-a-block, or a complete mismatch, and what doesn’t. Well, good luck with that, because I’m still waiting for my sense to develop, so that I can have some fun pattern mixing outfit ideas!

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