The Astonishing Durga Puja Menu at Sonnet

Durga Puja is more than just a religious ritual for the Bengali-speaking Hindus. It is a festival, a reason to celebrate for everyone who is, or ever has been, a resident of Bengal. Me? For people like me, Durga Pujo signifies the spirit of joy, celebration of light and power, togetherness, and above all, the company of loved ones. And, everyone knows how important food is while celebrating with friends and family, especially during this period – be it large meals of tit-bits to snack on. Catering to the ever-hungry people of the city this year is Aura – The Sonnet. And the Durga Puja Menu at Sonnet stands out.

Durga Puja Menu at Sonnet: Aura presents Bora Yaari – Bhuri Bhoj, complete with the favourite Bengali snacks!

Durga Puja Menu at Sonnet Kolkata

The Sonnet Kolkata Puja Menu 2016

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Throughout the pujas, Aura will be hosting Bora Yaari – Bhuri Bhoj. As it is evident from the name, the Durga Puja Menu at Sonnet is very Bangali in tastes and flavours.

Aam Panna at The Sonnet

Aam Panna

Infused Shots At The Sonnet

Shots Infused With Fruits Veggies and Chilli

Now, now! Don’t roll your eyes yet to hear about yet another Bengali puja menu, and take a hint from the name! Still lost? Well, then… Aura’s menu includes Bengali cuisine’s favourite snacks, i.e. Bora! From Egg Bora and Meat Bora, to Spinach Bora and Pumpkin-Flower Bora, there is everything. The list not only includes the commonly available fries like Daal Piyaji, Beguni, Mochar Chop, Topshe Fry, etc., but also the more uncommon ones like Pat Sager Bora, Pui Posto Bora, Saplar Bora and a lot more.

Bengali Snacks At The Sonnet

Bengali Snacks

Best Bora at The Sonnet


Bora at The Sonnet


Bora at The Sonnet Kolkata


Boras to Eat At The Sonnet

Best Boras

And as you may have understood by now, the word ‘Bora’ has inspired the name Bora Yaari, which is a twist to the Bengali word “Barowari”, meaning community, because Durga Puja is referred to as “Barowari Pujo” or community festival.

Bengali Platter At The Sonnet Kolkata

The Bengali Platter

There will be different boras for you from Panchami to Dashami. Besides the boras, the entire Durga Puja Menu at Sonnet is varied, interesting, and oh-so-delicious! Aura has worked on bringing original, lost tastes from different parts of Bengal to the plates of the foodies through these fried snacks.

Daal At The Sonnet Kolkata


Prawn Wrap At The Sonnet Kolkata

Prawn Wrap

Mutton Dish At The Sonnet Kolkata


They have also created their own fusion recipes, resulting in the most stunning and unique sensations on the tongue! And, just to bring variety, they have also added a few items from other cuisines, like Momos and Baozis, which are such common favourites of Bengalis that they’re almost included in the Bengali cuisine, now.

Baozi at The Sonnet


I had the opportunity to taste the items when went there with my friends from the food-bloggers’ group, Panch Phoron. Kalo Bhuna Mangsho turned out to be quite a delight, along with the Chicken Bora, and Duck Egg Bora. I also loved their Rasomali Cheese Cake. Not only was it light, but the flavours of cheese and Rasomalai went perfectly!

Dessert Platter At The Sonnet

Best Desserts

Dessert At The Sonnet Kolkata


Cheese Cake at The Sonnet Kolkata

Cheese Cake

There’s a lot more for you to explore and enjoy. So make your reservations now! Because, if you are unsure of Bengali cuisine, Sonnet will make you fall in love with it, and if you love it already, then there will be no better place that Sonnet to fall in love with Bengali food all over again!

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